College of Medicine

Procedures and Guidelines

This is a complete list of CoM procedures and guidelines - to search for procedures and guidelines specific to UGME, PGME or faculty, please use their department procedure and guideline pages.


Promotion  Tenure  Appeals


UGME  clerkship  preclerkship  faculty  Policy  Remediation  Supplemental Assessment

Assignment Submission

UGME  clerkship  preclerkship  assignment  faculty  policy

Attendance and Absence – Pre-clerkship

pre-clerkship  ugme  attendance  absence  faculty  application form  policy  procedure  mandatory  non-mandatory  planned  un-planned

Clerkship Electives

Student  UGME  Clerkship  rotation  liability insurance policy  faculty  international diversity  vacation  policy  application form  police check  blood  body fluid exposure

Conflict of Interest

UGME  clerkship  preclerkship  faculty  conflict  policy  disclosure

Deferred Exams

UGME  exams  defer  policy  procedure  SAMC

Invigilation Guidelines

Invigilation Guidelines  School of Rehabilitation Science  physical therapy  PT

Resident Appeal

PGME  curriculum  assessment  promotion


Shadowing  Medical Shadowing  Shadowing Activity Log  Observership  UGME  Pre-Clerkship  Clerkship

UGME Inclement Weather Policy

UGMe  Travel Policy  Attendance and Absence- Preclerkship  Attendance and Absence-Clerkship