Research Support Personnel

Department Contacts

Name Unit/Department
Darcie Earle Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management
Bruna Bonavia-Fisher Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology (APP) and Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology (BMI)
Maryam Madani Larijani Community Health and Epidemiology
Tracy Wilson Emergency Medicine
Ozlem Sari Medicine
Mark Milne Pathology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Division of Oncology, Medical Imaging and Family Medicine
Tova Dybvig Pediatrics
Darren Nickel Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Mariam Alaverdashvili Psychiatry
Fiona Haynes School of Rehabilitation Science
Karen Mosier Surgery

If you are a new faculty member and are interested in the Research Mentorship Program, please contact the Research Facilitator in your Department, your Department Head, or the OVDR.

Liaison Librarians

Name Department/Unit
Catherine Boden Rehabilitation Science; Pharmacy; SCPOR
Erin Watson Clinical Medicine Sciences
Vicky Duncan Community Health and Epidemiology; Dentistry; Public Health; Biomedical Sciences
Susan Murphy Veterinary Medicine; One Health; Kinesiology

Statistical Support

The College of Medicine provides statistical support for researchers.

For Clinical Research Support (CRSU) contact: Marissa Alarcon


Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) is a partnership of organizations that support patient-oriented research in Saskatchewan.

Funding Opportunities


To receive information about funding opportunities, there are four available listservs to which you can subscribe. If subscribed, you will receive automatic emails when a competition is announced, or when the internal deadlines for grant reviewing are circulated.

icon-agriculture.jpg icon-health-science.jpg icon-natural-sciences.jpg icon-social-sciences.jpg 

To Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Listserv(s):

  1. Click on your desired Listserv link.
  2. Enter your email address, then select Subscribe or Unsubscribe.
  3. You will receive an email asking to confirm; click on the URL. You must send the confirmation in order to subscribe to the List.
  4. A second email will confirm your successful subscription.

Internal Opportunities

The University of Saskatchewan offers a number of internal funding opportunities to faculty members to support their research, scholarly, and artistic activities.

University Research System (UnivRS)

UnivRS_wordmark_clr.png is a web-based central repository for research-related activities and CV data management.

Other Opportunities

Check back for updates!

Ethics and Approval

If you need assistance making an initial assessment, please contact:

For information about obtaining Saskatoon Health Region Operational Approval for research, contact either Saskatoon/North Research Approval Coordinator or Regina/South Research Approval Coordinator


For examples of successful grant applications, please visit the Grants RepositoryFeel free to browse, read, or upload CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC grant applications and/or CVs.

Please see the attached infographics regarding the Indirect Costs of Research (ICR), commonly known as Overhead.

For grant development information, please visit Office of the Vice-President Research, Planning and Preparing.

Before you start writing your grant, make sure that you are aware of the Funding Agency’s deadline to submit as well as the Usask internal deadline for submitting to Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO).

*The latter deadline is ALWAYS 5 working days prior to the Agency’s deadline
*If the funding agency requires a REAL signature, you must drop the signature page off at all of the offices required by the funding agency PRIOR to uploading to UnivRS


  • Download the pdf of your complete Application Package
  • Visit UnivRS_wordmark_clr.png; login with your NSID and password
  • Top right, click on + Add new > Project > Project Application
  • Click on Externally Funded
  • Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk
    • Under the Documents Menu tab, upload your complete grant application .pdf under Final Project Documents
  • When all * are filled, click Save and Update Status
  • Select Submitted for Approval and click Done
  • Send an email to your department head to alert him/her to approve the application in UnivRS_wordmark_clr.png

You will receive a compliance review from RSEO via e-mail.

NOTE: you cannot submit your application to the funding agency until you have addressed the compliance review comments

If the funding agency requires a signed copy you must drop the signature page at all the offices required by the funding agency.

To check which office has approved your application:

Check the Approval and Log tab. It will say: For Approval by Department Head, or For Approval by Dean

If it has already gone through the academic approvals it will say For Review by Approval Coordinator or For Review by Specialist.

Health Grant Specialists perform the compliance review of your grant applications and post-award processes:

The following grants participate in the Usask internal review:

  • Main Tri-Council Grants
  • CFI
  • CRC
RASI has launched an online grants calendar to capture funding deadlines and upcoming webinars and information sessions. The grants calendar allows researchers to view opportunities over the coming year so that they can see what’s down the road. Opportunities will be updated weekly.

Accessing Cancer Data

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