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Resident Resignation

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To provide information and guidance for resident resignation from residency training.


This document applies to medical residents in residency training programs at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.


  1. As per the RDoS Collective Agreement, article 19.4: a Resident who voluntarily resigns from an academic program will provide at least one (1) calendar month’s written notice to the Program Director and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education. The resident’s written letter of notification must state the resident’s final day in the program.
  2.  In cases where a resident decides to transfer to a different program, the resident must voluntarily resign from their home program. Upon written confirmation of acceptance into the recipient program, the resident will provide written resignation to their home program director in the time frame set out by the Collective Agreement, which is one calendar month.  A copy of the resignation letter must be sent to the PGME office.
  3. At the discretion of the Program Director, a resident who voluntarily resigns may continue to work until the final day in the program or, take any available vacation time until the final day in the program.
  4. In cases where residents are dismissed or suspended from the training program, the Resident Assessment Policy should be reviewed to ensure proper procedures are followed.
  5. In any type of resignation, the Postgraduate Medical Education Office will make the appropriate payroll adjustments (if paid through University of Saskatchewan Payroll as a University Employee) for any unused vacation accrued or adjustments for any negative vacation or sick leave balances.
  6. The Postgraduate Medical Education Office will notify the appropriate stakeholders of the early resignation of the resident.  These stakeholders include:
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan
  • Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan
  • University of Saskatchewan Registrar, Admissions, Human Resource Offices and Health Sciences Library
  • Saskatchewan Medical Association
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority Credentialing Office and Health Record Services
  • eHealth


It is the responsibility of the resident to inform their Program Director and the Postgraduate Medical Education Office if they decide to resign from their training program.

It is the responsibility of the Postgraduate Medical Education Office to notify the appropriate stakeholders of the resignation of the resident.


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with the resident resignation guidelines should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, PGME.


Coordinator, Admissions and Resident Administration, PGME Office
Phone: 306-966-1941