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Emergency Response Policy

The School of Rehabilitation Science follows the Health Sciences Operations Emergency Response Plan.  Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to review this document.

Governance and Administration

The School of Rehabilitation Science is governed by the University of Saskatchewan's policy on Health, Safety and Environment Protection and the Statutory Occupational Health Committee. Each college or department must form local safety committee. The College of Medicine’s Local Occupational Health Committee is responsible for the School of Rehabilitation Science program. Any employee issues are directed through this committee, including the reporting of any incidents on the electronic Incident Reporting Forms.


The learning environment includes a wide range of equipment from desks, writing tables, mirrors, and more specialized physical therapy equipment.  A preventative maintenance schedule of the physical therapy equipment (1) ensures the safety of both students and staff. The schedule is maintained by the Executive Assistant who, in consultation with staff and faculty, coordinates contract services to complete the checks and required follow-up maintenance. A database is kept tracking dates of checks, recommended maintenance and the date the maintenance was completed.

All equipment that is deemed unsafe will be labeled accordingly and taken out of service until the recommended maintenance is done.

In addition to the maintenance schedule, all faculty and staff are reminded on a yearly basis of their responsibility to ensure the safety and operation of all equipment used for teaching. When a piece of equipment is noted by them to be damaged or in need of repair, it is the responsibility of staff and/or faculty member to take the equipment out of service and inform the Executive Assistant.

General Building and Office Health and Safety

Staff and Faculty

All staff and faculty can access the campus-wide University of Saskatchewan’s Health and Safety programs and resources available, including:
Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection
Health and Wellness Resource Centre
Campus Safety
Health and Safety Useful Links


All Student Health and Counselling Services information can be found through their website.


Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (WSEP) is a resource to the University community with its goal to continually strive to improve performance and reduce injuries, risks and liabilities. DHSE offers a number of services to support the University’s moral and legal obligations in teaching and research, including:

  • Biosafety Program, Chemical Safety Program, Community Safety, Environmental Program, Fire Safety, Occupational Safety, Radiation Safety