Procedures and Guidelines

Electives for USASK Residents

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This process is to be followed when Residents enrolled in residency training programs in the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, apply to do electives out-of-province.

Electives taken in an unaccredited setting may be accepted towards specialty or subspecialty training requirements if all of the following conditions are met:

i)             the Resident must be enrolled in a recognized program at the time the elective is taken,

ii)            the total duration of rotations taken at unaccredited sites must not exceed six (6) months of the total training for the specialty or subspecialty,

iii)           the elective period is planned by the Program Director and the Resident, which is then accepted by the Program Director as meeting the specialty training requirements,

iv)           there is a clearly defined elective supervisor,

v)            there are clearly defined and understood educational objectives, and

vi)           there are well defined in-training evaluation system to include evaluation of the Resident during the elective period that is based on the educational objectives of the elective and that is clearly understood beforehand by the Resident, the elective supervisor, and the Program Director.

Scope of this Policy

All Residents in all residency training programs at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

This policy is developed in accordance with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Policies and Procedures for Certification and Fellowship, and relevant Saskatchewan Health Authority policies for out-of-province electives.


Out-of-province electives should not exceed a total of six months in the overall training period in a Royal College program and two months in a Family Medicine program. Programs may have additional guidelines applicable to the duration of out-of-province electives, keeping within the six-month/two-months total as outlined above.

No funding subsidies are provided for elective rotations; therefore, cost estimates are not required. All costs relevant to the elective are at the Resident’s expense.

Planning should take place between the Program Director, Resident and Program Director/supervisor from the out-of-province institution, and should be done well in advance of the actual elective.

A letter from the current Program Director should be forwarded for consideration by the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education.

University of Saskatchewan policies for traveling outside of Canada must be adhered to.

The Resident is responsible for obtaining information relevant to visa requirements for electives out of the country and is responsible for acquiring the appropriate immigration clearance or visa relevant to the country in which they are entering to do the elective.

Residents are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate licensure in the Province where they are doing the elective. CMPA coverage is applicable within Canada.

Residents are responsible for obtaining information and for securing the appropriate medical licensure and malpractice coverage for the location where the elective will occur.

The Associate Dean, PGME considers the request. If approved, a decision is sent to the current Program Director with a copy to the Resident indicating approval. If the above-noted process is incomplete, approval will not be considered until all information has been received.


Residents are responsible for obtaining information and for securing the appropriate medical licensure, malpractice coverage, travel insurance, visas and other required documents.


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with this policy should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, PGME.



Elective Coordinator, PGME Office

Phone:  306-966-8555