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Assignment Submission

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The purpose of the Undergraduate Medical Education Assignment Submission Policy is to establish the policy governing assignments submitted after the due date within the undergraduate medical education program (UGME) at the University of Saskatchewan.


It is the expectation that all assignments will be submitted on time, as this is an element of professionalism.



Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate students registered in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at the University of Saskatchewan irrespective of the geographically distributed site to which they are currently assigned.


1.0 Late Assignments

Any assignment submitted after 23:59 SK time on the specified date is deemed late (unless otherwise specified).

All due dates or timelines for assignment submission are published in the student course syllabus[1].

A late assignment submitted up to three consecutive calendar days (72 hours) from the original deadline qualifies to receive partial credit as indicated below. The assignment must be submitted to the appropriate year Administrative Coordinator in Saskatoon, or the Educational Consultant in Regina for years 1-2. Years 3-4 must submit to the Rotation Coordinator. The student, if submitting a late assignment that is deemed to be at or above the pass mark for that assignment will receive the pass mark for the assignment. If it is assessed as below the pass mark, the student will receive the actual grade assigned for the assignment.

Any late assignments not submitted by 23:59 on the third day will receive a mark of 0%. After this period, all mandatory assignments must still be submitted, or the student will be deemed to be missing a course component, which will result in an incomplete course. Subsequent academic consequences will be determined at the promotions committee meetings.

In addition to the consequences specified herein, students submitting mandatory assignments late should anticipate a meeting to discuss professionalism, which may result in associated documentation.

All requests for a deferral of an assignment due date must be received a minimum of 72 hours prior to the deadline. All such requests must be sent to the Course Director or Rotation Coordinator and copied to the relevant Administrative Co-ordinator. The course director, in consultation with the year chair and appropriate course/module/rotation director will make a final decision and notify the student of the outcome. Exceptional, unforeseen circumstances will be considered on an individual basis as above.

[1] Blackboard routinely updates their systems on certain Wednesday evenings. In the event that Blackboard is down for scheduled maintenance or due to technical difficulties, assignments are to be submitted by 0900 the following morning.

2.0 Exceptions

Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.


The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, is responsible for providing oversight to the overall administration of the Undergraduate Medical Education Assignment Submission Policy at the University of Saskatchewan.

The Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education, is responsible for the implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and evaluation of the Undergraduate Medical Education Assignment Submission Policy at the College of Medicine. This includes the development and stewardship of the standard operating procedures associated with this policy.

The Curriculum Committee with input from the Assessment Sub-Committee is responsible for evaluating, reviewing, and updating this policy every three years.


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with the Undergraduate Medical Education Assignment Submission Policy should be brought to the attention of the Vice-Dean, Education or the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, within the College of Medicine.


Procedures for this policy will be maintained by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.

Dr. Greg Malin
Director, Academic
Phone: 306-966-2750