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Electronic Exam Instructions

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The College of Medicine's UGME program uses Examplify from ExamSoft for administering exams.  Examplify must be downloaded and installed on the student’s personal laptop and then registered with ExamSoft.

With Examplify installed, the exams and questions are downloaded (from the student’s account) a few days prior to the exam. At the start of the exam, students are provided a password to decrypt the questions and start the exam. Once the exam is completed, the student uploads the answered exam to the server for marking.

Students will be oriented to these procedures during the orientation phase of Year 1.

Loaner laptops are available for students with computer problems. These laptops are maintained by the technical support teams in Saskatoon and Regina and by the program administrators in other locations for Year 3 and the SLIC program.  Loaner laptops are limited and loaned on a critical, as needed basis.

NBME exams are NOT written on personal computers and are scheduled and completed on University maintained computers at all sites.

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their equipment and with the Examplify software.

Prior to the first exam to be written with Examsoft:

  1. Visit the website  - check the Minimum Requirements dropdown section (upper middle) of the homepage to ensure your current computer meets the minimum requirements
  2. Download, install, and register Examplify by logging in to the above link by clicking on the Exam Taker button and using your NSID credentials
  3. Click on the support button inside the Examsoft portal for help in preparing for and taking exams with Examplify
  4. Contact Medicine ICT (email with any questions or if help is required

Any attempt to disable or tamper with Examplify or its security features will be flagged and treated as a breach of the College of Medicine’s Professionalism Policy (pp7-12) and Computer Use Policies.