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The College of Medicine is steeped in history and has a tradition of excellence. Our alumni belong to a prestigious community of over 3,500 graduates worldwide, and are healthcare professionals, leaders in their fields, and pioneers in medical research. 

Welcome to our Next Chapter

The NEW Alumni and Community Program

The College of Medicine is proud of its graduates and the limitless contributions they have made to our community and the world. Our alumni embody the true spirit of professionalism, integrity and generosity. In a world where the needs are many, our alumni boldly represent What the World Needs.

Launched in Fall 2023, the Alumni and Community program replaced the Alumni Association for College of Medicine and works to fulfills the needs of our community through noteworthy communications, professional and social engagements and fundraising to support the next generation of practitioners.

The new Alumni and Community program is designed to be inclusive not only for our entire alumni body, but learners and faculty of the college as well. We are fortunate to have many of our alumni that have filled one or many of these roles. With wider representation in its membership, the new Alumni and Community program is an exciting step for everyone associated with the college; alumni, faculty, and learners alike - This is our community!

Integrating our history, while defining our future

The Alumni and Community program offers a new way of representing our community that ensures adequate and diverse opportunities are available everyone, regardless of age, career-level, or location. Whether you are or have been a learner, researcher, professor, or practitioner; you are a testament to the amazing alumni history that has been built thus far and are integral to our future success.

Activities Informed by You and Funded by You

Not only are our engagement initiatives informed by the information provided by our community, but they’re funded by our community too! The success of the new Alumni and Community program can only be achieved through the active participation and support of everyone in our network.

Take Charge of our Impact - GIVE TODAY

As a completely peer-funded initiative, the Alumni and Community program relies on the annual contributions of alumni and community members to maintain operations. Using the link below, making a gift by credit card is easy.

All gifts made to the Alumni and Community Fund will be issued a charitable tax receipt.

The Alumni and Community program is 100% funded trough contributions made by our community. The Alumni and Community fund is not rewriting history, but expanding on what has already been established. By making a gift today, you are:

  • Ensuring incoming medical students are equipped with white coats
  • Recognizing alumni and student achievement through awards
  • Creating networking opportunities between learners and alumni
  • Continuing the tradition of the Knuckle Cup hockey game for alumni and students
  • Investing in student-led initiatives and charity drives
  • Expanding the Highlights in Medicine Conference into a premier medical event

We have limitless potential for growth, and with your support we can achieve BIG things! If the sky is the limit, what would you like to see us invest in?

  • Building alumni funded spaces within the college
  • Bringing regional events to areas outside of Saskatoon
  • Reinstate alumni and donor recognition in the college
  • Sponsoring a student's tuition for an outstanding academic showing

For those who previously purchased an Alumni Association membership (annual or lifetime), we thank you! Your support has been the vehicle behind our success thus far.

Unfortunately, membership purchases have dwindled in recent years and have dropped to a level that cannot sustain operations. Although the membership program has ended, we hope you will continue to support alumni and learner initiatives through the Alumni and Community program by making a charitable gift to the Alumni and Community Fund.

All gifts to the Alumni and Community Fund will be issued a charitable tax recipient.

Being accountable to our community is a top priority for the Alumni and Community program. We've built a sustainable spending model to ensure your generosity makes a big impact across our entire college community and is sustainable for years to come. Annually, we will be allocating contributions in the following ways:

  • 50% - Alumni Initiatives
  • 35% - Learner Initiatives
  • 15% - Reserves for our Future

Each year we build an operating budget based on the charitable gifts made in the previous year, ensuring we only allocate funds that we already have available.

The budgeting cycle of the Alumni and Community program is aligned with the University of Saskatchewan’s fiscal year, running May 1 – April 30.

Represent our Community - JOIN TODAY

Community Advisory Committee is made of individuals who hold a genuine interest in fostering an elevated connection with the College of Medicine and our alumni, students, residents, and faculty. The committee offers critical reflection and guidance pertaining to community building, engagement, and development.

The committee is designed to be an interactive opportunity for individuals to take the lead in guiding program operations. Committee members sit for a one-year term with the ability to extend for multiple years. If you are an alumnus, residents, student or faculty of the USask College of Medicine, or an interested medical community member, please consider joining the Community Advisory Committee.

Find out more by contacting Kelsey Kougiya

The Charter for the Community Advisory Committee provides a framework by which the Committee operates, and advocates for the members of the Alumni and Community Program.

We are the PULSE of the college

Just like the blood that courses through your body, alumni are found in every area of the College of Medicine’s global network. Read how our community is shaping the future!


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