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Procedures and Guidelines

Leave of Absence

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 1. Purpose:

   To ensure students have the ability to request defined periods of time away from the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program.

2.   Principles:

   2.1 Consideration will be given to reasonable requests for time away from the UGME program

   2.2 All leaves must ensure that when granted, will not compromise the student and program goal for a successful outcome of their undergraduate education

3.   Scope of this Policy:

   3.1 This Policy pertains to all UGME students in the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine

   3.2 This Policy includes students based in all current UGME program sites.

   3.3 This option for leave exists outside the current policies guiding both MD Program Attendance and Absence

   3.4 This Policy is to consider long term leave of absences (ie. Health related, parental, education leaves)


4.    Policy:

The UGME Program reserves the right to grant defined leave of absences while maintaining expectations and rigors of a professional program.


5.    Procedures:

   5.1 Students shall apply in writing to The Student Academic Management Committee, (SAMC) Chair, cc’ing the Program Manager requesting a defined period  away from the UGME program. This request will be shared with the Associate Dean Undergraduate Medical Education, Year Chair, Year Site Coordinator. 

   5.2 This request must be made not less than 30 days prior to the student’s requested start date for the leave, whenever possible.

   5.3 The program will consider all documentation and information in order to consider an approval or an amended recommendation for a leave. SAMC, whenever feasible, will be involved in decisions regarding return to program after an extended leave. For reasons of privacy, students may submit documentation through the Office of Student Affairs at the relevant site and the Office of Student Affairs will confirm receipt with the UGME program.

   5.4 The College of Medicine reserves the right to determine conditions of return to the program, including that a student may have to repeat portions of the    program, if the leave requested exceeds reasonable expectation for retaining required clinical skills or to effectively make up material missed during the leave. 

   5.5 The process for return to the program and any conditions of return will be outlined in writing to the applicant.


6. Contact:

   6.1 Submit to the attention of the Assistant Dean Academic, Chair of the Student Academic Management Committee (SAMC), College of Medicine; submitted    to UGME B526 Health Sciences Building, 107 Wiggins Rd, Saskatoon SK S7N 5E5 cc’ing the Program Manager

Responsibility: Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, College of Medicine

Approval: Student Academic Management Committee

Date: Aug 2018

Review: Every two years