Led by the spirited Vice-Dean of Research, Dr. Marek Radomski, the OVDR's dedicated, professional, and passionate team strives to implement the comprehensive, integrated research plan for the College of Medicine. If you have any questions, or if you would like to offer any feedback, please  contact our wonderful team.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Marek Radomski Vice-Dean of Research


Dr. Radomski MD, PhD, DSc, MPAL, FCAHS was appointed as Vice-Dean Research in 2016 to lead the Office of Vice Dean Research (OVDR) and is currently serving the second term of office. Dr. Radomski is a highly-cited pharmacologist (>29,350 citations by Google Scholar to date) who worked both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry in Poland, UK, Spain, Canada, USA, and Ireland. He mentored many MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral students. He is interested in platelet regulation, cancer, nitric oxide, and MMP biology and pharmacology, as well as in nanomedicine, nanopharmacology, nanotoxicology, and more recently, in SARS-CoV-2 research. In 2020 Dr. Radomski was inducted to the fellowship of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.


Megan TruscottDirector of Research

(306)966-6516 megan.truscott@usask.ca

The Director of Research oversees the administration of the Office of the Vice-Dean Research and Clinical Trial Support Unit and is a key member of the Vice-Dean Research leadership team. Megan provides guidance and direction to the fantastic lineup of OVDR and CTSU staff, and sets team and individual priorities. This position works with departments, senior leaders, and other key stakeholders across the College of Medicine and larger University community in order to assist the Vice-Dean Research and the entire portfolio to achieve its strategic goals.

Sydnie Gengler 

Administrative Coordinator
The Administrative Coordinator provides exemplary research and office administrative support for the Vice-Dean Research team. This includes providing administrative support, overseeing office processes and activities, coordinating events, and sharing administration of the internal funding initiatives portfolio. The position also provides support to the Vice-Dean Research and Director of Research in scheduling coordination and is responsible for successful, independent completion of special projects.


Shelley-May Neufeld

Research Impact Analyst
The Research Impact Analyst develops and implements effective practices for tracking, managing, and analyzing the academic research output of the College of Medicine researchers. This position contributes to inform policy and develop programs that support the realization of the College's research mission and objectives. The Impact Analyst uses measured outputs to disseminate productivity and impact achieved by the College of Medicine researchers.

Keleigh Garcea

Project Coordinator
The Project Coordinator provides administrative, planning, and project management support and expertise to the senior leadership team in the OVDR. This position is the point person in order to facilitate all major funding initiatives of the OVDR and the College of Medicine.

Chantal Jantzen

Research Financial Analyst
The Research Financial Analyst is key to the achievement of financial operations, including budget development, monthly financial reporting, quarterly forecasting, detailed variance analysis, and year-end reporting. This position acts as the financial liaison for all things research within the College of Medicine. The analyst provides analytical proficiency with regard to the full range of fund types while actively ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.


Dr. Whitney Duff

Clinical Research Lead
The Clinical Research Lead ensures CTSU operations are efficient and harmonize with college, university, and SHA operations. This position acts as the main liaison between the CTSU and OVDR by working in collaboration with the Research Financial Analyst and reporting to the Director of Research.  The Lead provides flexibility to meet the expectations of CTSU stakeholders, clients, support team members and the OVDR, College of Medicine, and beyond.

Sue Heffernan

Research Finance Coordinator
The Research Finance Coordinator provides detailed research finance services and finance administrative support for the Vice-Dean of Research and Clinical Trials teams. This includes support to research finance and finance activities, internal funding initiatives and clinical trial finance operations in order to facilitate major initiatives of the OVDR and CTSU.

Nayoung Kim

Student Project Coordinator
The Student Project Coordinator provides administrative, support services, and project assistance to the Office of the Vice-Dean Research. This position offers valuable insight from the student perspective, informing and shaping initiatives in the OVDR.


Dr. Kiven Erique Lukong

(306)966-4586  ovdr.grad@usask.ca
Assistant Dean Graduate Studies
The Assistant Dean Graduate Studies is responsible for the strategic and academic leadership of learning, teaching and the graduate student experience in the College of Medicine.


Alyssa Gallagher

Graduate Programs Coordinator
The Graduate Program Coordinator supports the Assistant Dean Graduate Studies in setting the strategic direction of the graduate programs and developing and facilitating the funding initiatives related to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the College of Medicine.

Research Themes

Strategic Plans developed at both the College and University levels serve as steering mechanisms to guide the focus of the Office of the Vice-Dean Research to signature research themes. By offering support for researchers, and strategically investing in key research areas that show promise of growth, we seek to position the College among the most distinguished in Canada.

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