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Calculation of Grades in a Module To meet Academic Standards for Promotion

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  1. Not all courses are graded but the pass mark for M.P.T. courses that are graded is 60%.
  2. The weighted average that must be obtained at each promotion point is 70%. The calculation of the weighted mean average considers the number of credit units for each course. Below is an example showing the calculation of the weighted average for Module I. It should be noted that a student may get 60% on more than one course and still meet the standard for promotion.

Example: Module I

Course Number Credit Units Course Name Example of grades received (%) Proportionate value (Grade x Credit units)
808.3 3 Lifespan I: Development, Aging and Pharmacological Issues across the Lifespan 74 222
822.5 5 Foundations I: Functional Activities and Exercise Therapy 78 390
840.3 3 Foundations II: Introductory Treatment Methods 85 255
851.1 1 Case Integration I 60 60
860.2 2 Evidence Based Practice I 60 120
861.2 2 Professional Practice I 60 120
total 16 1167
Weighted Average for the module (must be > 70) 1167/1600 = 72.9375

Note – Clinical Courses are treated separately: a pass must be obtained

850.1 1 Clinical Practice I P