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MD Verifications Standard Operating Procedure

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To outline how the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Office processes requests for MD verifications for graduated students.


The Undergraduate Medical Education Office is responsible for processing requests for MD Verifications.  Depending on how in depth the verification request is, the fee may change as well as the length of time to complete, as in depth verification request require that the graduate’s permanent file be pulled from storage.  Fees will be outlined below in ‘Specific Procedure’.      


The Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Office is only responsible for MD verification requests pertaining to the graduate’s undergraduate degree.  Verifications pertaining to residency or Postgraduate Education must be completed by the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office.


MD Verification: The verification that a graduate received their degree of Medical Doctor by the institution granting the degree, often requested by hiring bodies to verify the degrees held by an applicant.  


The Executive Assistant, UGME, is responsible for processing request for MD verifications, including correspondence, collection of fees levied, retrieval of permanent student files if necessary, preparation of verification forms, and forwarding MD verifications as per instructions.   

The Program Manager or an Assistant or Associate Dean are responsible for signing off on all MD verifications.

Specific Procedure

All MD verification request are to be sent to Undergraduate Medical Education.  Telephone inquiries can be directed to 306-966-6142. 

Once initial contact has been made, and the verification form has been reviewed, applicants will be advised as to a timeline and cost for completing the verification request.  Requests consisting of confirmation of graduation date will be completed in a timely manner with a fee of $40 CDN funds.  Verification forms that are more in depth requiring the retrieval of a permanent student file from storage, have a fee of $100 CDN funds and extends the response time accordingly. 

The fees are required BEFORE the verification request can be fulfilled, and in cases where the file needs to be obtained from storage, PRIOR to the file being ordered from storage.  Payment can be made by way of Cheque or money order, made payable to University of Saskatchewan and sent to:

Undergraduate Medical Education
3A20 Health Sciences Building
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5

Helpful information to assist with processing the MD verification request include: the year of graduation, full name (including a previous name if a legal name change has occurred since graduation), and date of birth.  This information is included on the MD Verification – Release of Information Authorization Form.  Authorization to release information pertaining to a graduate’s permanent student file is required, either by way of the MD Verification – Release of Information Authorization Form from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine, or by a release signed by the graduate and forwarded by the office requiring the MD verification.  

Once the MD verification has been completed, we will send it out as instructed by the verification body and/or the graduate.