University of Saskatchewan Student Electives

Applying for electives at U of S sites
Students are required to submit their elective application forms through the Elective SharePoint site.

Applying for electives in other provinces
U of S students who want to do electives in other provinces should apply through the AFMC portal.

Applying for electives in other countries
U of S students who want to do electives in other countries are required to fill out the  International Elective Request Form. The U of S has reciprocal agreements with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and the Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. Please contact if you are interested in completing an international elective.

For more information about electives please refer to the syllabus.

Visiting Students

All visiting medical students must submit their elective applications through the Association of Faculties of medicine on Canada (AFMC) Student Portal.  The portal has detailed information regarding guidelines and requirements. 

Canadian Student Electives

We accept applications from the following categories:

  • Visiting medical students enrolled in LCME accredited Canadian Medical Schools

International Student Electives

We accept applications from the following categories:

  • Saskatchewan medical students enrolled in a medical school abroad (outside Canada)
  • Students attending medical schools that the College of Medicine has reciprocal agreements with

Please visit the AFMC Student Portal for more information.

Electives in Aboriginal Health

All Nations Healing Hospital — Fort Qu'Appelle
This unique elective places you in an interdisciplinary team of health care providers and engages you in patient-centered care in a rural community. All Nations Healing Hospital also has a holistic healing center dedicated to residential school outcomes, addictions, abuse, family counseling, and crisis interventions.

First Nations & Métis Health Services — Saskatoon
This elective is an opportunity to experience an integrated and culturally respectful approach to care for First Nations and Métis.  You will have an opportunity to connect with cultural advisors (Elders) health educators (navigators) and residential school support workers as they interact with First Nations & Métis people coming into Saskatoon for treatment and other acute services. Areas of focus range from maternal services, general wards, mental health and E.R.