CMGSS Events


Student Appreciation

Would you like your hard work recognized and shared with a larger platform including other students and faculty? Submit the link to your recent first author publication along with a brief (one sentence) description in lay terms and your program of study to

Articles will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone who submits a publication will receive a small congratulatory gift from CMGSS!

Executive 2022-2023

The CMGSS executive is elected each year at the AGM, typically held at the end of the spring term.

Co-President: Fabrice Njotu (PhD, HSC)

Co-President: Una Goncin (PhD, HSC)

Vice President Internal: Jared Price (MD-PhD, HSC)

Vice President Finances: Megha Rohamare (PhD, BMI)

Vice President Academic: Parinaz Amirimoghadam (MSc, CHEP)

Co-Vice President Communications: Shirmin Kader (MSc, CHEP)

Co-Vice President Communications: Tanmoy Das (MSc, HSC)

Co-Vice President Communications: Jannatul Mustofa (MSc, APP)

Co-Vice President Communications: Ethan Jansen (MSc, BMI)

Vice President Student Affairs: Emilia Gillies (MSc, CHEP)

EDI Representative: Anum Ali (MSc, CHEP)

Any questions (or suggestions!) about anything related to the College of Medicine graduate programs and community can be directed to or to any of our members or to We are always willing to help.

GSA Student/Supervisor Contract

Needing to talk to your supervisor about the expectations of you and your supervisor during your program? The GSA Student-Supervisor Contract can help guide the conversation.


College of Medicine Faculty Council

The CMGSS has 2 voting positions on the Faculty Council for the College of Medicine ( These meetings are open to all. These positions are filled by:

Jared Price (MD-PhD, HSC)

Elyse Proulx-Cullen (PhD, HSC)

College of Medicine Graduate Chair Committee

The CMGSS provides two student representatives to the Graduate Chair committee meetings, which bring together all graduate chairs in the CoM programs to discuss the allocation of College scholarship funding and other issues that affect the graduate programs. These positions are filled by:

Fabrice Njotu (PhD, HSC)

Una Goncin (PhD, HSC)

GSA Council

The CMGSS has 4 voting positions on the GSA council (, one for each department. These meetings are open to all. The representatives for this year are:

APP: Kundanika Mukherjee (PhD), Arshdeep Jagait (MSc)

BMI: Maddie Stewart (PhD), Rachel Harris (PhD)

CHEP: Amanda Gannon (MSc), Nahin Shakurun (MSc)

HSC: Elyse Proulx-Cullen (PhD), Sara Dalkilic (MSc)