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Procedures and Guidelines

Clinical Placement Agreements for Clinical Education


As part of the Clinical Practice courses in the M.P.T., students will be in many different facilities in Saskatchewan and/or other provinces in Canada and occasionally at international locations. Clinical Placement Agreements regarding clinical education are not a requirement of the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), School of Physical Therapy. They are however, sometimes required by facilities offering placements for U of S students. This is becoming a more common risk management practice with regional health authorities as well as individual facilities.

Clinical Placement Agreements are contracts established between the U of S and an authority/facility outlining requirements and terms of agreement on the part of both parties. These agreements may cover issues such as special insurance requirements (ie: liability, malpractice, health, travel insurance), criminal record checks, specific immunization requirements, proof of registration with provincial licensing body, etc. In addition, each agreement outlines the term of the agreement and procedures for revision, renewal, or termination of the agreement. 

The School of Physical Therapy Clinical Education program recognizes the value of a diverse range of undergraduate clinical experiences for each student. Provincial, inter-provincial and international placements all provide unique perspectives of health care and physical therapy service delivery and valuable clinical experience. Reasonable efforts will be undertaken to ensure that placement agreement requirements are negotiated to facilitate these placements.

Students are responsible for complying with and completing all requirements outlined in the placement agreement as well as all associated costs. The student will be made aware of the specific requirements as soon as negotiation of a contract is complete, however this may be only a short time before the start date of the placement. Students who accept a placement requiring a placement agreement must accept responsibility for complying with all terms of the agreement.

Within Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan, under the auspices of the Academic Health Sciences Network, has prepared a generic template for a common Clinical Placement Agreement with all regional health authorities in Saskatchewan covering clinical education for all health science students. This agreement is currently under negotiation, and will pertain to student placements in most provincial publicly funded institutions (ie. hospitals and health centres) in Saskatchewan. 

Privately owned facilities (ie. private practices), are contacted on an individual basis to determine if an agreement is required, and if so, the U of S - I.E.1 template is generally accepted and used.

Outside of Saskatchewan

Following confirmation of a clinical placement for a U of S physical therapy student, the facility will be contacted to determine if a placement agreement is required.


If the facility is amenable, the U of S - I.E.1 template will be used and the facility specific information will be inserted and two copies will be forwarded to the facility for endorsement. These signed copies are then endorsed by the School of Physical Therapy and then sent to the College of Medicine for endorsement by signing designates for the U of S Board Chair and Secretary and for the application of the seal. A due diligence form must be filled in and accompany the documents. The College of Medicine will keep one original and return the other original to the School to be sent to the facility. A copy of the agreement will be kept in the Clinical Education files. 

School of Physical Therapy Signatories
Associate Dean, School of Physical Therapy
Director, School of Physical Therapy Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Assistant Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

In other cases, facilities may require their own contract or agreement be used. In such cases, the new agreement must be reviewed by the Academic Coordinator Clinical Education and subsequently forwarded to the Contracts Coordinator within U of S Corporate Administration Unit. In many instances, negotiations will occur between the U of S Contracts Coordinator and the Facility until both sides come to an agreement on the terms of the contract.

Complete signature endorsement by both parties are required and obtained on each of two copies of the final placement agreement. These agreements are endorsed by the School of Physical Therapy signatories with an attached due diligence form and sent to Corporate Administration for the Board Chair and Secretary designate signatures. Each party retains one signed original, with a copy being made for Clinical Education files.

For further information regarding Contract Coordination in Corporate Admin, visit their website at

Contact: Arlis McQuarrie, Academic Coordinator Clinical Education