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Supernumerary Funding

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To establish the process and guidelines for approval and development of Supernumerary (Non-Ministry Funded) sponsored residency and clinical fellowship training positions.


Programs must contact the PGME Office to discuss requests by applicants or agencies for sponsored positions (those other than ministry funded CaRMS facilitated positions). The PGME office will review each case based on the policy and advise the program whether they can consider such positions further.


Clinical Fellow is a medical doctor seeking postgraduate training in a specialty, or subspecialty discipline outside a recognized RCSPC or CFPC training program. Clinical Fellows may be engaged in research and teaching and may provide clinical service as part of their training program.  

Supernumerary Position is a non-Ministry funded residency training position.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to Supernumerary (Non-Ministry Funded) sponsored residency and clinical fellowship training positions.


  1. All trainees must be funded by sources approved by the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee. Acceptable funding sources may include:
    • Federal and Provincial Government agencies.
    • Foreign Government Agencies (i.e., Saudi, Kuwait).
    • Boards of corporations, hospitals, health districts, foundations.
  2. Funding for supernumerary positions must be received at arms’ length in relationship to the trainee (positions cannot be self-funded). There must be no requirement or arrangement on the part of the trainee to repay the funds to the funding source. Copies of all agreements between the funding source and trainee must be provided to the College of Medicine to ensure this regulation is observed.
  3. The PGME office will work with the College of Medicine to develop a contractual agreement between the University of Saskatchewan and the funding agency. Such contract/agreement will commit the funding source to terms such as: sponsor the trainee for the entire length of the training program; undertake sponsorship for any remedial training which might be required; provide each year’s total funding requirements to the College of Medicine in advance of training commencement. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the funding source is required to discontinue its sponsorship during the course of a training program, the trainee will automatically be terminated from the training program.
  4. Except for existing training agreements with Gulf State sponsors, externally funded residents shall be remunerated at the same level as those individuals in regularly funded positions under the Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan (RDOS) collective agreement. Clinical fellows are not under the RDOS collective agreement. As per the Clinical Fellowship Guidelines, clinical fellows may be remunerated at a PGY6 resident level; however, remuneration may be higher or lower depending on the funding source and nature of the fellowship.
  5. The trainee must meet the regular entrance requirements of the College of Medicine including, but not limited to: MD Degree; pass mark on the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part I (international medical graduates only); eligible for educational licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (licensing requirement may include a valid English language exam); eligible for credentialing with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Trainees must provide proof of current ACLS certification prior to commencement of residency training. Clinical fellows are not required to provide proof of ACLS certification.
  6. International medical graduates may be required to successfully complete an assessment program prior to commencement of training.


Potential trainees are responsible to acquire funding, to ensure they meet entrance requirements, and to complete the registration process with the PGME office.


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with this policy should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, PGME.


Coordinator, Admissions and Resident Administration, PGME Office 
Phone: 306-966-1941