Procedures and Guidelines

Accessibility & Accommodations Information

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The College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan is committed to supporting applicants and students with disabilities through the use of appropriate accommodations. While a disability should not preclude a student from consideration for admission, the disability must not prevent the student from communicating with patients and colleagues, from making observations and analyzing clinical data, and from making the medical judgments expected of a physician who has completed the educational program leading to the M.D. degree at this University.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Access & Equity Services (AES – 966-7273) with any questions regarding accommodation for their disabilities at the pre-medicine level. Any applicants to the College of Medicine who feel they will require accommodation in order to complete the multiple mini interview (MMI) process should make those needs known to the Admissions Office by the date outlined in the interview offer.

All applicants offered interviews will be asked to attest to their ability to meet the technical standards outlined in the Essential Skills and Abilities Required for the Study of Medicine. If an applicant will require accommodation in order to meet the technical standards, he/she will be asked to indicate so prior to the MMI. Any applicant who indicates a need for accommodation will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs and an Accommodations Team will review the applicant’s specific needs and abilities to determine whether appropriate accommodation can be offered. Such requests are kept independent from a student’s admissions file until a student is offered admission.

The declaration of a need for accommodation on the part of applicants is voluntary, but as a significant period of time is generally required to process accommodation requests, early declaration is strongly advised. In the event that an applicant does not indicate the need for accommodation until such time as an offer of admission is made, the College of Medicine reserves the right to defer entrance for one year pending review of the request by the Accommodations Team.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to pursue their studies as long as their continued involvement does not pose a health or safety hazard to themselves or others, and as long as they are able to meet the requirements for a medical degree.