Procedures and Guidelines

Students Engaged in Health Related Work

Categories: Physical Therapy

Important Information for Students engaged in Paid or Volunteer Health Services

On occasion, physiotherapy students may accept paid work or volunteer work, in their own time, to help with the recovery or care of individuals in different situations.  Students should be cautious in performing activities or taking on responsibilities that may only be done by a licensed physical therapist.   
In keeping with the Saskatchewan Physical Therapy Act and University of Saskatchewan insurance policies, the School of Rehabilitation Science wishes to inform students that if they do accept volunteer or paid jobs1 related to clients who are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery or need rehabilitation for a chronic condition (outside of School’s structured and approved clinical experiential learning activities2) they must not:
1. Present themselves as physical therapists.
2. Refer to their services as Physical Therapy (or physiotherapy) services.
Furthermore, students providing services to clients outside of program approved arrangements are not covered by the University of Saskatchewan comprehensive liability insurance.   
If clarification is needed, pleased check with the Director of the School of Rehabilitation Science.

1 Home programs, sports first aid, fitness training, etc.

2 clinical courses and clinical visits