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Electives for non-USASK Residents

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The following process is to be followed when Residents from other provinces apply to do electives in Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or College of Family Physicians of Canada accredited residency training programs at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

Electives taken in an unaccredited setting may be accepted towards specialty or subspecialty training requirements if all of the following conditions are met:

i) the Resident must be enrolled in a recognized program at the time the elective is taken;
ii) the total duration of rotations taken at unaccredited sites must not exceed six (6) months of the total training for the specialty or subspecialty;
iii) the elective period is planned by the Program Director and the Resident, which is then accepted by the Program Director as meeting the specialty training requirements;
iv) there is a clearly defined elective supervisor;
v) there are clearly defined and understood educational objectives; and
vi) there is a well-defined in-training evaluation system to include evaluation of the Resident during the elective period that is based on the educational objectives of the elective and that is clearly understood beforehand by the Resident, the elective supervisor, and the Program Director.

Scope of this Policy

Residents from other universities wishing to do the elective training at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine. 


The Resident makes their request to do an elective in writing to a Program Director or Faculty member of the University of Saskatchewan. The faculty member must forward the request to the Program Director. 

Residents may request to do an elective with a faculty member within a specialty where no formal residency training program is established for the specific field.  As there would be no Program Director to approve the request, the approval must be obtained from the rotation coordinator of the specific field of training.  If no rotation coordinator exists, the supervisor can approve the request.

The Program Director must approve the elective and forward the request to the Elective Coordinator, Postgraduate Medical Education, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. If the Program Director is not the direct supervisor, then a letter from the supervisor must also be submitted to the Elective Coordinator. 

The supervisor of the elective must have either a full or part-time appointment with the College of Medicine in order for the elective to be approved.

Prior to approval of the elective the Elective Coordinator, Postgraduate Medical Education, must receive:

  • Letter of approval from the U of S Program Director.
  • Letter from direct supervisor stating he/she will be the supervisor.
  • Letter of support from current Program Director outlining approval of the elective, the educational objectives, verification of good standing and that the resident will be funded by their home-based University.
  • Proof of the CMPA coverage for the dates of elective.
  • Proof that ACLS course has been taken.
  • Proof of Hepatitis B, MMR, TdP and Varicella immunity.
  • (If a resident is not a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident) Valid work permit, which reflects authorization to train in Saskatchewan.

The resident applying for the elective is responsible for collecting and delivering the required information to the PGME office. The elective application should be sent as one complete package rather than individual submissions.  Once the above are received, the Postgraduate Medical Education Office, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan will prepare the pink form required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS) in order to be placed on the Educational Register. The Elective Coordinator will e-mail this form to the Resident.

Residents are required to fully complete the pink CPSS form and submit to CPSS directly. CPSS will require Residents to supply a number of forms by e-mail. These forms will be provided to the Resident by the Elective Coordinator. Residents are responsible for fees associated with the CPSS registration. The elective approval is contingent upon the Resident being duly registered and in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

The Resident must provide a copy of the CPSS Educational Register license to the Elective Coordinator, Postgraduate Medical Education Office.

Residents working within a Saskatchewan Health Authority will require temporary privileges. The Resident will be responsible for ensuring appropriate privileges are in place.


Applicants must commence the elective application process at least two to three months in advance of the elective start date in order to ensure all requirements are met.  Applications received late may be denied by the PGME office.


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with this policy should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, PGME.


Elective Coordinator, PGME Office

Phone:  306-966-8555