The Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) is a RCPSC certified program, and is available to residents that have demonstrated interest and potential for a career as a clinical investigator. The program accommodates training in diverse research areas ranging from basic and correlative science studies of disease pathogenesis to epidemiological investigations of social/population determinants of health. 

It is expected that each CIP trainee will develop the specific skills and scholarly attitudes required to perform high quality health research.  Scholarship implies an in-depth understanding of the area of research and the application of current knowledge to clinical practice. The quality of scholarship in the program will, in part, be demonstrated by a spirit of enquiry during clinical discussion, at the bedside, in clinics or in the community, and in seminars, rounds and conferences. 

Two CIP training streams are offered. The Graduate Stream in which applicants enroll in graduate (MSc and PhD) programs at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Postdoctoral Stream designed for residents who already hold a PhD.


All residents who are enrolled in a Royal College Residency Training program are eligible to apply for the CIP.

The training involves a minimum of two years of mentored research intensive training that involves enrolment in a graduate degree program (graduate stream), to complete a thesis or equivalent, or in a postdoctoral fellowship program if the trainee already has a graduate degree (postdoctoral stream).

To apply, contact Dr. Mark Sheridan for an online application form - do not use the form in the attached CIP Manual"



Dr. Mark Sheridan
CIP - Program Director

Martha Rosas
CIP - Program Administrator
Phone: 306-880-4769