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Welcome to Faculty Development

Faculty Development assists faculty members in the achievement of their academic roles with an aim to enhance the experience of our learners and support the missions of our faculties.

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About us

Faculty Development (FD) is a community of practice of staff, faculty including physicians and other providers, educators and learners around the province who are interested in supporting and facilitating medical education, using best practices and evidence for work in all domains- clinical, administrative, teaching and learning, research and leadership.   We are creating a Faculty Development Network to reach across all areas of the province and are working to have leads in all disciplines.  We also have a Faculty Development Advisory committee to help strategically guide our work and an End Users group of medical students and residents to give us feedback on how we are doing from their perspective.

We are here to support you in those areas of your work that include teaching (all levels of learners), research (to help get you started), leadership (including assuming educational leadership roles), wellness for you and your learners and more.  We want to support you as we collectively strive to provide excellent learning experiences across all our teaching sites.  We want to support you individually in your faculty role and hope the resources provided on this site and through our various programs will be helpful.  We recognize faculty development is often most relevant at the site/clinic/program/or department level.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a FD session.

Our annual report is released in the fall following the end of our reporting year which runs from September-June.  For a more comprehensive view of the Department, beyond what's listed on our website, please review our Annual Report.

Our strategic plan is aligned with the College of Medicine strategic plan and in particular the priority area on Quality Education and Scholarship.  We work collaboratively with the Distributed Medical Education, Faculty Engagement, Research, Social Accountability as well as others and are keen to establish relationships and connections within the Health Professions.

Faculty Development Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Faculty Development uses this matrix to ensure we are covering all the bases in our programming - are we connecting with all of our audiences at various levels and across several key themes?

We also look at the College of Medicine's Quality Education Plan and ensure that we are contributing in any area identified as a priority for Faculty Development or where FD can help to facilitate success.  


Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a broadly defined group of activities that includes both Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Faculty Development (FD).  We embrace lifelong learning across all CanMEDS domains and are here to support and meet your continuing education needs.  We work closely with the Division of CME and look forward to helping you meet your MOC/Mainpro requirements and continuous improvement in all aspects of our professional work in today’s healthcare environment.

We use the USask SRS site to register for both CME and FD events.  Click here to find a list of currently offered programs.

Supports We Offer

Faculty Development assists faculty members in the achievement of their academic roles with an aim to enhance the experience of our learners and support the missions of our faculties.  Below are just a few of the many supports we offer.

  • Supports for new faculty - Welcome aboard!  This section is geared specifically to assist those new to teaching.  The New Faculty Orientation PDF is great for learning the basics about teaching and is recommended for all new faculty.
  • Medical Education Resources - We've compiled many resources to support you in your teaching. There is a plethora of medical education resources available, and we have curated some of the best we can find.
  • Mainpro and MOC application support
  • Conference information - What is out there and worth attending?  Visit our conference information page to find out.
  • PeeR Observation and Mentorship Program for Teaching in MEDicine (PROMPT-MED) The PROMPT-MED program provides opportunities for faculty to grow their skill set in teaching through peer observation.
  • Faculty Development Library - Check out hard copies of resources we have available in Faculty Development easily.  You can scan our library online to see if we have books or medical education articles you might be interested in borrowing.  These are available to be borrowed by contacting 
  • Research resources - Faculty development offers supports, courses and resources to help you develop research skills for medical education research and clinical research.
  • Med Ed Research and scholarship /SoTL opportunities
  • Events - See what's coming up in FD
  • International memberships - Whether through the College of Medicine or specific memberships through Faculty Development, we belong to several international medical education organizations that allow us access to many resources.  For instance the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges(AAMC) and in particular to the Central GEA (CGEA).   As such faculty can apply for and participate in these different offerings, grants, courses and resources.  We also belong to the following:
    • IAMSE (The International Association of Medical Science Educators)
    • AMEE (The Association for Medical Education in Europe). View their brochure.
    • STFM (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine)

What’s New

View our 2019-20 Annual Report!  We hope you will find this year’s report interesting as we celebrate the work accomplished in the past year but we also hope this will inspire you to think about how FD can help you, your team or unit, department and program.  We are excited about our new initiatives coming up this next year and hope you will follow all FD has to offer on our website. 

Timely Topics in Medical Education (T-TIME) is part of the core curriculum for the Clinician Educator Diploma Program.  It is open for anyone to attend (you do not need to be enrolled in the fellowship program). 

T-TIME occurs monthly on the second calendar Thursday from 6:00-7:30pm (excluding July & August).  Sessions consist of two 45-minute workshop presentations and will take place virtually via Zoom (we hope to have some in-person sessions in the future). 

T-TIME will cover the core topics within the CEd program.  Presenters will be faculty from each core Unit.  Topics include:

  • Education theory made simple
  • How to do a curriculum needs assessment
  • Performing an Education Consultation
  • Tips for reading a MedEd paper
  • Programmatic Assessment
  • Simulation – what is it/why do it?
  • Dealing with the exceptional learner
  • How to Debrief (simulation)
  • Turning your project into scholarship
  • Formative vs Summative Assessment
  • How to use Tech in your teaching                                
  • Managing conflict
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Direct Observation                                                
  • Learners in Difficulty
  • Leadership Styles

Visit our event's page for information on our upcoming sessions

Medical Education Reading Club - We meet monthly and informally discuss some of the recent publications that are relevant to medical education- just for the fun of it!  View the Reading Club section on our FD Events page.

COVID-19 Resources - Check out the various resources we have created related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Faculty Development Library - Check out hard copies of resources we have available in Faculty Development easily.  You can scan our library online to see if we have books or medical education articles you might be interested in borrowing.  These are available to be borrowed by contacting

Don’t waste time – learn effectively!

A great book that is not too long and useful as a teacher, a learner, and a parent, is Make it Stick (The Science of Successful Learning) by Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel.  Check out this quick video on how adults learn best. 

We encourage you to come back to this site from time to time and do a little online reading, take in a webinar, watch a video, or plan to attend a FD session.  There are many topics to choose from, which you can touch on when you visit the site.  Mix it up.  Think about how you will apply what you are learning to your clinic and with your learners.  Talk about it with interested colleagues and then give it a try – apply it.  Use various approaches to help your learning – pictures and diagrams, reading and webinars and simulation.  Take some notes while you're on the site.  Writing things out helps you process information and makes it easier to retrieve.  We have designed the site to help you learn using built-in learning plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This will enable us to send you any resources/references if there is any advance preparation required. Also, it will be easier to get your certificate for study credits.

Typically there is no cost to attend faculty development events. It is, however, still important to attend events when you have registered as there are costs associated with holding these events.  We will, therefore, occasionally ask for a $50 deposit which is refunded if you attend.  We appreciate your letting us know if you are not able to attend in advance in which case you will also not be charged.
Yes, you can. We can make arrangements for you to participate remotely, with advanced notice.  We currently use mostly WebEx as this is the distance platform supported by the university.
Absolutely. Faculty Development serves teachers located anywhere in the province and welcomes the opportunities to work with the various FD leads around the province.
Certainly. We believe in customizing training according to your individual/site/program/or department needs. Contact our office and we can work with you to tailor a FD session to meet your needs.

For noncertified educational events, physicians may still claim credits:

  • For the College of Family Physicians of Canada, of the 250 credits per 5 year cycle, half can be for non-certified learning either group or individual; for further information please see the .  There is a Mainpro manual available online.
  • Members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada may claim Maintenance of Certification program credits by reporting event hours with MAINPORT under "unaccredited activities" in Section 1; for further information please see the RCPSC website.

We do try to ensure many of our events are approved for either MOC or Mainpro credits. Members of the CFPC can claim MOC credits (up to 50 in a 5 year cycle.)

Sometimes the FD events you want to attend may not be offered at a time or on a day that works for you. In an effort to help alleviate this problem, we try to digitally record many of our sessions so you can access them at your convenience from our website.

We are also happy to offer events again at times that might work better – with flexible scheduling. If you are interested in any of our events, please let us know which days and times will work best for you and your group, and we'll work with you to set up the workshop at a time and day that is convenient.



Cathy MacLean, MBA, MD, FCFP, MCISc
Professor and Director
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Room 316 - 1121 College Drive
Twitter: @macleancathy

Sean_Polreis2.jpg Sean Polreis, MEd
Teaching & Learning Specialist
Room 317 - 1121 College Drive
premkumar.jpg Kalyani Premkumar, MBBS, MD, MSc (Med Ed), PhD, MBA
Lead, Masters in Education (HPE)
Room 3226 - HSc Ewing
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Rob_Woods.jpg Rob Woods, MD, FRCPC, MMEd, DRCPSC
Program Director, Clinician Educator Diploma
Twitter: @robwoodsuofs
sharon-card.jpg Sharon Card, MSc, MD, FRCPC
CBD Lead, University of Saskatchewan
olszynski,-paul.jpg Paul Olszynski, MD, Med, CCFP(EM), FCFP
Course Director, ASSET Foundations Program
Greg_Mallin.jpg Greg Malin, BSc, PhD, MD, Med
Peer Observation Program (PROMPT-MED)
Winik2.jpg Amy Winik
Administrative Assistant
Room 318 - 1121 College Drive
Ph: (306) 966-5171

 Helen Chang

Faculty Development Coordinator, Regina
Phone: 306-766-0558 

Jeanette Bellavance

Adminisrative Assistant, Regina
Phone: 306-766-0558



Dr. Andries Muller

Faculty Development Director, DAFM |  Email

Jaime Markowski

Administrative Assistant, Saskatoon support for Faculty Development |  Email

La Ronge

Elliot Wilkinson, Site Lead | Email

Moose Jaw

Rob Haver, Site Lead | Email

North Battleford

Mike Barnett, Site Lead | Email

Prince Albert

Navid Robertson, Site Lead | Email


Danielle Frost, Site Lead |  Email


Emily Sullivan, Site Lead |  Email

Swift Current

Sarah Harrison, Site Lead |  Email

Track Your Thinking

Thinking about your thinking – Click here to download and use this template to record  “process notes” to reflect on what you want to use or take away from this page.  This can be similar to writing a progress note on patient care.  Download this pdf and keep it as a record.  Write out your comments on what you are learning and come back to this from time to time to see how your thoughts and feelings are changing.  Review what you have written and re-comment on how you are applying what you are learning to your day to day practice

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