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University Bridge: a SciArt Space

Conceived by Dr. Marek Radomski, Vice-Dean of Research, College of Medicine, University Bridge | a SciArt Space examines the relationship between art and science. Each showcase will offer a succinct dialogue or analysis around a new subject who meaningfully engages with Sciart from the perspective of a scientist, artist, and writer with a shared enthusiasm for Sciart. The goal of the showcase is to open the local reader who is ideally a local burgeoning scientist or artist to the opportunities that crossdisciplinary practices can achieve/offer and the benefits to both artists, scientists, and their communities. Please visit the SciArt webpage for more information.


Welcome one, welcome all. Medicine is so much more than lab coats and stethoscopes. The research community at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine is a diverse group of humans, all working with their own unique motivations — and not all of them work in a hospital setting. Get to know what gets these researchers amped about their jobs, what they’re doing, where they’re doing it, and why.

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Episode 78: Dr. Sabira Valiani

Episode 77: Dr. Daphne Yau

Episode 76: Dr. Sam Haddad

Episode 75: Dr. Stacey Lovo

Episode 74: Dr. Angelica Lang

Episode 73: Dr. Munier Nour

Previous Episodes

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Mingling Minds

Led by the esteemed Dr. Alan Rosenberg and Dr. Joyce Wilson, the Mingling Minds seminar series was created to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations for health research within the University of Saskatchewan by facilitating researchers to share and exchange knowledge, expertise, and technologies, particularly between clinical and basic researchers. Please visit the Mingling Minds website for more information.

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