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Procedures and Guidelines

Clinical Placement Agreement

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The current Clinical Placement Agreement between the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and 14 Saskatchewan-based, post-secondary institutions came into effect on May 1, 2017.

Several of the schedules included within the Clinical Placement Agreement refer to processes from former regional health authorities that no longer exist. These processes remain in place until superseded by a new Clinical Placement Agreement or SHA Policy.

The Clinical Placement Agreement outlines mandatory requirements for students, institutions and the SHA pertaining to learner placements.

View a copy of the Clinical Placement Agreement template pertaining to the May 1, 2017 signing.

View a of post-secondary institutions and former Regional Health Authorities that signed the May 1, 2017 Clinical Placement Agreement.

View an overview of the Clinical Placement Agreement schedules – and the associated list of responsibilities for each schedule.

For any questions or concerns regarding an existing or new Clinical Placement Agreement, please contact the Learner Placement Unit.