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Dr. Jim Barton, MD, FRCPC
Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
Clinical Professor of Medicine-Nephrology
Program Director-Adult Nephrology
Faculty Profile

CME office phone: 306-966-7787
CME office fax: 306-966-7673
Clinical office phone: 306-934-3300
Clinical office fax: 306-934-3355

Kathleen Bilodeau Event Coordinator (306) 966-8022
Roxanne Laforge Coordinator, Perinatal Education Program (306) 966-7792
Linda Iwabuchi Clerical Assistant, IMG & Perinatal Education Program (306) 966-8024
Ben Bodnaryk Coordinator, International Medical Graduate Program (306) 966-8024
Daniel Mittelholtz Educational Program Designer (306) 966-7791
Debbie Matheson Administrative Assistant, Finance (306) 966-2615
Emily Parker Clerical Assistant (306) 966-7794
Pam Seib Clerical Assistant (306) 966-7787
Jon Witt Medical Director, SIPPA (306) 966-8366
Lucie Panko Coordinator, SIPPA (306) 966-8366
Chantelle Kurtz Coordinator, PEP (306) 966-7793
Program Assistant, PEP (306) 966-8362

Cathy MacLean
Professor and Director

College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Room 316, 1121 College Drive, Saskatoon
Phone: 306-966-5171
Fax: 306-966-7920


Kalyani Premkumar
Lead, Masters in Education for Health Profession & Professor

College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Health Science E-Wing Room 3226
Phone: 306-966-1409
Fax: 306 9667920


Sean Polreis
Faculty Development Coordinator

College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Room 317, 1121 College Drive, Saskatoon
Phone: 306-966-1311
Fax: 306-966-5224


Faculty Development Coordinator, Regina