The College of Medicine is dedicated to responding to the Calls to Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Report and work in a mutually beneficial and collaborative manner with the Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan to define and address the present and emerging health needs in Aboriginal communities.

Indigenous News


Aboriginal Admissions Program

Through the College of Medicine Aboriginal Admissions Program, people of Indigenous (Métis, Inuit and First Nations) ancestry can apply for admission to the Medical Doctor (MD) program of study. The program is designed to support growth in the number of Indigenous people becoming doctors in Saskatchewan. Ten percent of the positions available in the MD degree program each year are specifically for applicants of Indigenous ancestry.

Aboriginal Health Committee

The Aboriginal Health Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and community members who are dedicated to Indigenous health. The IHC exists to strengthen culturally-based linkages between Indigenous world views and the medical community.

The committee offers many services to the College of Medicine, including:

  • Reviewing and vetting Aboriginal curriculum through a community based approach.
  • Working with Indigenous and non-Aboriginal students (pre-med, undergrad, & residency) to provide unique experiential learning opportunities through placements in Indigenous communities.
  • Assistance in learning about Aboriginal protocols, communities, and Elders.
  • Connecting faculty, staff, and students with Aboriginal communities for initiatives, advocacy, and other activities that enhance Aboriginal health.


  • Veronica McKinney
  • Val Arnault – Pelletier
  • Holly Graham
  • Caroline Tait
  • Jaris Swidrovich
  • Preston Smith
  • Sylvia Abonyi
  • Bonita Beatty
  • Carlyn Seguin
  • Peter Butt
  • Derek Jennings
  • Michelle Johnson-Jennings   
  • Alexandra King
  • Anne Leis
  • Sarah Oosman
  • Sherry Pederson
  • Peggy Proctor
  • Marek Radomski
  • Vivian Ramsden
  • Joanna Winichuk            
  • Indiana Best
  • Alison Piche
  • Carrie Bourassa
  • Cal Chiefcal
  • Malcolm King
  • Erin Walling

For more information, please contact Joanna Winichuk.


Val Arnault-Pelletier
Aboriginal Coordinator