Procedures and Guidelines

Mistreatment, Discrimination and Harassment

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The MPT program follows the same process as outlined within the College of Medicine to address issues of mistreatment, discrimination, and harassment. The College of Medicine takes allegations of Mistreatment, Discrimination and Harassment very seriously.  If you have experienced or witnessed mistreatment, please contact the MPT Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as soon as you are comfortable either via the online reporting form below or directly to the OSA staff. Please ensure when submitting a concern online that you identify that the concern is related to the MPT program, and the contact is OSA/MPT.

The OSA will respond to all complaints as soon as possible and work with you to establish a plan on how you would like to move forward. You may want to just talk about your experience confidentially or you may want to explore more options including a full enquiry into the matter.  

Please see the mistreatment flow chart for a summary of options for addressing complaints. In addition to the options outlined in the chart, OSA staff can work with you on establishing an alternate route if you are uncomfortable with the procedures outlined.