Invincible We Are: a student blog on living with chronic illness

By: Dilpreet Bajwa and Rubia Ahmed

We have always had a key interest in writing. Both of us have spent countless hours in our creative space working away at a poem or preparing an eye-catching commentary for classes...

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Moving mountains: the uphill battle Westmount students face with mental health

By: Kayla Cropper, Candelaria Aristizabal Londono, Lucas Fisher, Graham Beresh

In our second semester of our first year of medical school, we spent our spare time working with the students at Westmount Community School as part of an urban inner-city practicum...

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You can’t spell 'paradise' without PA: a clerkship experience

By: Hope Fast, Sophie McBean and Cadence MacPherson

Imagine waking up to a Saskatchewan sunrise, driving two minutes to work, parking directly outside the hospital, walking inside to be greeted by familiar faces, then working with p...

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Small Community with Big Medicine: Hands-On Learning in Meadow Lake

By: Jamie Vander Ende

Currently, I am enthusiastically completing my third-year of medical school in Meadow Lake – a community of 5,000 people – via the Saskatchewan Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (S...

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Changing my perspective on poverty in Saskatoon

By: Rubia Ahmed

Recently, I had a shift in my perspective on the topic of poverty in Saskatoon. My world was the USask campus and my home in University Heights. I hadn’t seen what was happening in...

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Black History Month: The importance of representation and community building

By: Vivian Murungi

As a Black medical student in Saskatchewan, I often reflect on my experience as I navigate the daily nuances of the health care system and the intersectionality of race, gender, an...

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How a summer research project with pewaseskwan turned my curiosity into a passion

By: Sarah Smith

When I was presented with the opportunity to do a 2021 Dean’s Summer Research Project with Dr. Alexandra King (MD) and her research team, pewaseskwan – the Indigenous Wellness Rese...

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The importance of meaningful, community-led research projects

By: Adrian Teare

This past summer, I had the privilege of participating in a community-based participatory research project with the pewaseskwan (The Sky is Clearing) research group.

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Queering the medical curriculum

By: Kirti Garg and Alexa McEwen

We spent the summer reviewing literature and creating suggestions for best practices for including queer content in the medical curriculum.

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A Mini Integration Weekend in Regina

By: Eman Abdulhadi and Sarah Moroziuk

Being a University of Saskatchewan medical student in Regina has always felt like being in on a best kept secret.

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Nature is Medicine: Launching PaRx in Saskatchewan


When we first heard about Park Prescription, or PaRx, we were excited about the health benefits it could offer patients in Saskatchewan, and the greater purpose it served within th...

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How a Pandemic Sparked a Passion for Planetary Health & Climate Change

By: Brooklyn Rawlyk

I’ve always loved getting outdoors and have made conscious efforts to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. However, I was never one to try and practice minimalism or compost, ...

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Fighting Seniors’ Social Isolation with Music

By: Jamie Vander Ende and Lindsay Ironside

The idea of a social event for seniors was floated around at our monthly Senior Social Isolation Prevention Program (SSIPP) meeting in December, a program that connects older adult...

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How I helped with COVID contact-tracing

By: Morgan Schatz

My name is Morgan, and I am a first year-medical student at the University of Saskatchewan. I joined the Saskatchewan Health Authority's (SHA) pandemic supplemental work force, alo...

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Medical students’ concussion collar awarded CMA Joule Innovation grant

By: Brandon Spink and Richard Ngo

Two second-year students from the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, Brandon Spink and Richard Ngo, were part of a four-member team that was awarded a $10,000 Joule In...

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What we learned during Family Medicine Interest Group Week

By: Jessica Froehlich & Shannon Haughian

During Family Medicine Interest Group Week (Feb. 8-12), medical students Jessica and Shannon write about why they're interested in family medicine and what the specialty entails.

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From history to medicine: How I wrote a book while also attending medical school

By: Melissa Armstrong

Two years ago, I was in the parking lot of St Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon and about to leave a dialysis clinic – one of the clinical encounters that second-year medical students c...

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Adjusting to Medical School in a Pandemic

By: Erinna McMurtry & Gloria Sun

The first three months of medical school have gone by quickly. As we stop to catch our breath in between midterms and finals, we have a lot of milestones to reflect on.

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While We Learn, They Die: Why We Need Immediate Action in the Drug Crisis

By: Shayan Shirazi

I’ve always been told to never discuss politics with family. I broke that rule unwittingly when I went back home during the September long weekend and my dad shared that one of his...

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Why did I choose the MD/MBA program?

By: Lucas King

When I started medical school on August 8, 2018, I was a proud member of the Class of 2022. Throughout the next two years, my classmates and I often talked about how we couldn’t wa...

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Beginning Second Year with a Greater Sense of Balance

By: Annie Dinh

I was in term two of my first year of medical school when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit.

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Unusual beginnings in unprecedented times: Starting medical school during a pandemic

By: Erinna McMurtry & Gloria Sun

As two long-time friends in first year medicine, the word on our minds when we think about starting medical school during a pandemic isn’t “unprecedented”--it’s “privileged.”

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Connecting Generations in a Time of Disconnect

By: Masooma Bhatti

Social distancing measures and visiting restrictions at long-term care homes have helped curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, but they also mean isolation and loneliness for s...

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12 Tips for Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19

By: Adam Neufeld

Reading all the articles and studies getting published on COVID-19 inspired me to create something that would help others do just that. A practical framework for supporting our own...

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My View From The Sidelines During COVID-19

By: Tayyaba Bhatti

The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of news headlines from across the world, an abundance of information, and disruptions in almost every aspect of life.

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The Student Voices of COVID-19

By: Helen Tang

We are medical students. For the past several years, we have dedicated innumerable hours to the learning and practice of our trade. Our physicians and other mentors have guided us ...

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Why We Need A Black Medical Students Association at USask

By: Ashley Tshala

One of the things I love most about being in Medicine is the moment you open the exam room door to reveal whose waiting behind it. The anticipation of getting to meet and help some...

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My Reflection on Advocating for Universal Access to Contraception

By: Sehjal Bhargava

Current coverage of contraception in Canada is ridden with gaps that inhibit women’s reproductive autonomy, and limit access to contraception.

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The good doctor

By: Greg Basky

Improving end-of-life care for people experiencing homelessness

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Finding My Place at the College of Medicine

By: Lucas King

As the holidays come to an end, and I reflect back on my time away and the past couple years since entering medical school I can’t help but think about how lucky I have been to hav...

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We toured the STARS Ambulance in Regina

By: Jessica Froehlich and Lucas Hoffert

When it comes to transporting patients in need of emergent medical care, the stars are the limit!

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How Writing an Essay Deepened My Interest in Anesthesiology

By: Jenelle Clark

"It is without question in anesthesia that the adverse effects of obesity have complicated the work of the profession and new strategies can be undertaken to deal with the effect o...

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Creating a Cartoon to Engage Patients About Their Health

By: Sina Sayedinazad

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency globally. Some studies indicate a 79% prevalence rate in remote areas in Canada. It’s also particularly common in children...

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The 21st Century Physician: Technology is Changing, Why Aren’t We?

By: Richard Ngo and Brandon Spink

Medicine is constantly evolving. Physicians in the 21st century will have diagnostic, screening, and preventative equipment with far greater capabilities than their 20th century pr...

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Finding a concussion hack in 48 hours

By: Richard Ngo

University of Saskatchewan (USask) medical students Richard Ngo and Brandon Spink teamed up with biomedical and mechanical engineering students to win a 48-hour hackathon with thei...

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7 Tips for a Successful Year in Medical School

By: Jessica Froehlich

As the morning air on my walk to school becomes a hint cooler, it rings in the promise of a new school year. Reflecting on the past 365 days, I realise how far I’ve come on a journ...

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How Dillon Taught Me that Building Community is a Clinical Skill

By: Jessica Froehlich

It is hot! I feel the sweat rolling down my face and arms as I try not to think about how hard it is to breathe.

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Reflecting on the PREP program

By: Kate Morrison

As the month of June came to a close, so too did my time in the PREP program.

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PREP Part II: My textbook is now my real patient

By: Kate Morrison

The past two weeks have proved to be very interesting here in Lanigan. I have been working with Dr. Akinjobi, a Nigerian-trained doctor who has worked in South Africa, England, and...

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PRISM: Pre-clerkship Introductions to Specialities in Medicine

By: Adam Neufeld and Preston Njaa

All medical students get asked the coveted question in medical school, ”So, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” It's a question many students find difficult to answe...

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Prepping for PREP

By: Kate Morrison

Ah yes! The summer between second- and third-year medical school. Often spoken about between classmates as if we are part of a Shakespeare story – the last summer.

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Medical students take research projects to Belgium

By: Hope Fast and Cadence MacPherson

Hallo! (“hello” in Dutch, not just a major typo) Our names are Ho