College of Medicine alumnus finds joy in giving back

Dr. Carl Zylak’s (MD’62) accomplished career in radiology began at the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan (USask). Now, on top of numerous other professional achievements, he's looking forward to helping other students on their journey through the Dr. Carl J Zylak Bursary. 

Honouring a Family: The Bilokreli Family Funds

A family fund is a way to remember family members and their contributions to society, and to carry on the family name in a meaningful way for generations to come. There’s no limit to where family funds can be directed, from the education of future doctors and health practitioners to the advancement of research in a particular area of medicine.

USask alum named president of Canadian Medical Association

On August 21, 2022, University of Saskatchewan (USask) alum Dr. Alika Lafontaine (MD’06) was named president of the Canadian Medical Association, and is the first Indigenous leader and the youngest person ever to hold the prestigious position.  

USask College of Medicine alumni supporting Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, an outpouring of humanitarian assistance has come from around the world to support Ukrainian refugees and displaced individuals. Two College of Medicine alumni are among the many University of Saskatchewan (USask) community members who are helping to make a difference at home and overseas.

The LGBTQ2S+ Bursary in Undergraduate Medicine: A First for the College of Medicine

The creation of a bursary that recognizes a group you feel strongly about is one of the most effective ways you can leave a legacy for generations to come. It’s a way to support a college or vocation while making a larger, more universal statement. It’s also a way to continue to make a difference in the lives of others, even after you’re gone.

USask OB-GYN alumni build their practice in Regina

For Drs. Erin Kot and Jackie Ferguson, graduates of University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) Medical Doctor (MD) and Obstetrics and Gynecology programs, building their clinic in Regina was a clear choice. It’s their hometown and where they found support from their colleagues and career opportunities.

Chicago Med

Dr. Sherine Gabriel (MD’82), proud College of Medicine alumna and current President of Rush University in Chicago, has been named a 2022 recipient of the prestigious University of Saskatchewan (USask) Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award.

Black History Month: McDuffie family made its mark at USask

Dr. Norman McDuffie (PhD) may not have thought of himself as a trailblazer or pioneer in his field, but his efforts forged a new path for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) to follow at the University of Saskatchewan (USask).

Prep & Support: College prepares faculty, supports health system during pandemic

Dr. John Froh (MD) says the response from Saskatchewan physicians to a skills enhancement program developed by the College of Medicine’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) team shows its value extended far beyond simply preparing doctors who might be called upon to work in new care settings during the pandemic—including intensive care, emergency, even field hospitals.

An award that comes full circle

Barb Smith, administrative assistant in the Department of Academic Family Medicine, is the recipient of the 2021 Sydney Inskip Service Award.

Dr. Cory Neudorf: A public health perspective

Dr. Cory Neudorf (MD’89) has called COVID-19 the biggest professional challenge of his career. As a public health physician and epidemiologist, he has spent his career devoted to health equity and public health advocacy.

Dr. Scott McLeod: A lifetime of service

Dr. Scott McLeod (MD'93) has never been one to shy away from an opportunity. After receiving his biochemistry degree in his hometown of Regina, McLeod journeyed north to pursue a medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Medicine, which he completed in 1993.

Young at Heart

At 102 years old, the College of Medicine’s oldest living alumna continues to inspire.

Giving back

Dr. Gary Groot (MD’82, PhD’11) knew early on that he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Now, a highly regarded surgical oncologist and researcher, Groot’s work is driving health services research and improving patient care in the province.

Stepping Up From The Sidelines

From raising tens of thousands of dollars for needed supplies in La Loche to helping health care workers from the sidelines, medical students felt called to help Saskatchewan communities during a global pandemic — the same communities they are being trained to serve as physicians.

Dr. Irene Evans: Helping students in need succeed

University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Medicine students receive generous support through the Doctors Gwilym and Irene Evans Award, thanks to the $3-million legacy gift from Dr. Irene (Puetz) Evans (MD’63).

Dr. Michael Goldney: Making a difference

One of the founders of Lucky Bastard Distillers said everyone should make the effort to regularly wash their hands with soap and water as the first line of defence against the COVID-19 virus. Consider it doctor’s orders.

Health risks of vaping: USask respirologist

Vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) has exploded in popularity. While some see it as a way to transition from smoking, there are many questions about the safety of the devices and the long-term effects of vaping.

The good doctor

Improving end-of-life care for people experiencing homelessness

Driving healthcare innovation

A health emergency changed the trajectory of Melinda Richter’s career, launching her from telecommunications into medical innovations.

Dr. Vicki Holmes: A career of caring

Dr. Vicki Holmes (MD'73) is now retired from her medical career and is taking advantage of her free time by spending it with family, golfing and painting. Although she describes her retirement life as “nothing exceptional,” her 43-year career was just the opposite.

The Country Doctor

“I always wanted to be a country doctor,” said Dr. Joe Golumbia (MD’48), reflecting on his career as a family physician, which took him to communities across the prairies.

Code Orange

The Humboldt Broncos bus accident rocked the hockey world and beyond. What role did alumni in the Saskatchewan Health Authority take in the face of the tragedy?

Alumni volunteer highlight

Dr. Charles Simpson (MD’71) is a Saskatoon-based obstetrician and gynecologist. Retired from clinical practice, he continues to teach as a clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the College of Medicine.

Honourary alumnus commander

Not many budding physicians envision themselves one day joining the military, moving halfway around the world and being deployed to Middle East war zones. But that’s exactly the path Commander Ian Young (MD’92) took.

Volunteering found Negraeff

As part of the University of Saskatchewan’s Alumni Association Centennial, the university is creating profiles on some notable alum volunteers.

'This is where I can make a difference'

When Dr. Lucy Nickel was completing her medical training at the University of Saskatchewan, she was doing so without the numerous Aboriginal role models a lot of current students have to look up to in the medicine program.

What can a U of S medical student expect practicing medicine in La Ronge?

When you talk physician recruitment and retention in Saskatchewan, and in Canada for that matter, the term “rural and remote” is often used, but what does it actually mean? In Saskatchewan places like Saskatoon and Regina and their outlying communities would not fall into this category, which begs the question, which ones would?