Photo courtesy of: Rob Macklem
Photo courtesy of: Rob Macklem

Troy Appleton gets a lift

College of Medicine student Troy Appleton never shies away from a challenge

College of Medicine student Troy Appleton never shies away from a challenge.

Whether he’s working his way through medical school, hoisting 150 kg in a weightlifting competition, or managing his condition as a type 1 diabetic, Appleton takes the challenges in his life in stride.

Thanks to donors, Appleton has also been able to alleviate his financial challenges.

Appleton attended his hometown school, the University of Victoria, to study kinesiology. While studying at UVic, he worked as an intern at the Canadian Sports Centre, where he had the opportunity to train Olympic athletes. Appleton’s aspirations grew as his interests in physiology and pharmacology deepened, which ultimately brought him to the prairies and to study medicine at the U of S. This fall, he will begin his third year in the College of Medicine.

In addition to the financial demands of medical school, Appleton’s diabetes presents costly circumstances. In order to appropriately monitor and treat his condition, Appleton uses an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring. He estimates that diabetes supplies costs him approximately $700 each month, which is not covered through insurance.

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