Physiology faculty

Dr. Veronica Campanucci BSc, MSc, PhD Faculty, Physiology

Research Area(s): The effect of pathological conditions on the nervous system especially on mechanisms triggered by of oxidative stress

Dr. Michel Desautels BSc, PhD Professor Emeritus, Physiology

Dr. Thomas Fisher MSc, PhD, BSP Department Head, Physiology

Research Area(s): Osmotic regulation of ion channels and vasopressin secretion , Ca2+ channel targeting and function in neuroendocrine secretion , Mechanisms and significance of gliotransmitter secretion

Dr. Jack Gray BSc, MSc, PhD Faculty, Biology

Research Area(s): Neural control of animal behaviour , Biologically-inspired algorithms for artificial systems

Dr. John Howland Faculty, Physiology

Research Area(s): Effects of acute stress on cognition and synaptic plasticity. Neurodevelopmental models of severe psychiatric illness

Dr. Juan Ianowski Faculty, Physiology

Research Area(s): Our research projects focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of epithelial solute transport and the pathological consequences of transport failure

Dr. Paul Lee BSc, MSc, PhD, BE Faculty, Physiology

Research Area(s): Gene Therapy for Long Term Myocardial Protection , Hypertension , Atherosclerosis , Oxidative stress , Hyperhomoysteinemia

Dr. Joseph Ndisang PhD Faculty, Physiology

Research Area(s): Vasoactive gaseous mediators (carbon monoxide, nitric oxide etc.) and cardiovascular pathologies , Particularly we are investigating the role of the heme oxygenase system in in hypertension, diabetes (types-1 and -2), and obesity.

Dr. Kailash Prasad B.Sc. (Distinction), MBBS(Hons), M.D. Ph.D., D.Sc., FRCPC, FACC Professor Emeritus, Physiology

Research Area(s): Oxyradicals in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes , Flaxseed and its components in cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Dr. K. Premkumar Faculty, Community Health & Epidemiology

Dr. R. Skomro Faculty, Department of Medicine

Dr. Nigel West BSc, PhD Professor Emeritus, Physiology

Research Area(s): Evolution of vertebrate respiratory and cardiovascular control systems , Cardiovascular and respiratory responses to hypoxia , Control of periodic breathing