College of Medicine


As a faculty member in an academic programming appointment my primary roles are program and curriculum development, instructional design, and educational program development and delivery.

Scholarly Interests

My scholarly interests relate to digital/web-based teaching and learning and include:

- student response systems
- lecture capture
- digital assessment

Teaching Interests

Systems physiology
Physiological genomics



Courses that I have instructed in previously or am currently instructing

MEDC 115.18: Principles of Biomedical Science
BMSC 207.3: Human Body Systems I
BMSC 208.3 Human Body Systems II
PHSI 208.6: Human Body Systems (now two separate courses: BMSC 207.3 and 208.3)
PHPY 302.3: Human Transport Systems
PHPY 306.3: Physiology Laboratory
PHPY 308.3: Experimental Basis of Physiology and Pharmacology
PHPY 403: Physiological Genomics and Pharmacogenetics

Selected Publications

Baillie, L.D., Banow, R. & Botterill, J.J. The impact of lecture capture availability on academic performance in a large biomedical science course. Education and Information Technologies (2022).

Davies DA, Greba Q, Selk JC, Catton JK, Baillie L.D., Mulligan SJ, Howland JG. Interactions between medial prefrontal cortex and dorsomedial striatum are necessary for odor span capacity in rats: role of GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors. Learning and Memory. 2017 Sep 15;24(10):524-531

Baillie, L.D., Schmidhammer, H., Mulligan, S.J. Peripheral μ-opioid receptor mediated inhibition of calcium signaling and action potential-evoked calcium fluorescent transients in primary afferent CGRP nociceptive terminals. Neuropharmacology. 2015; 93: 267-273

Bray, G.E., Zhengxin, Y., Baillie, L.D., Zhai, R., Mulligan, S. J., and Verge, V.M.K.  Extracellular pH and neuronal depolarization serve as dynamic switches to rapidly mobilize trkA to the membrane of adult sensory neurons. Journal of Neuroscience.  2013;33(19):8202-8215

Florence, C.M., Baillie, L.D., and Mulligan, S.J.  Dynamic volume changes in astrocytes are an intrinsic phenomenon mediated by bicarbonate ion flux. PLOS ONE.  2012;7(11): e51124

Baillie, L.D., Ahn, A.H., and Mulligan, S. J.  Sumatriptan inhibition of N-type calcium channel mediated signaling in dural CGRP terminal fibres.  Neuropharmacology. 2012;63(3):62-7.

Baillie, L.D., Hagen, V., Gardner, K., Mulligan, S.J. Functional imaging within individual pain fibres ex vivo with optical microscopy.  Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 2011;198(2):274-9.