College of Medicine

Research Area(s)

  • Osmotic regulation of ion channels and vasopressin secretion
  • Ca2+ channel targeting and function in neuroendocrine secretion
  • Mechanisms and significance of gliotransmitter secretion


Post-doctoral Research

Neuroscience Research Group, Montreal General Hospital/McGill University, Montreal.
Department of Physiology and Biophysics, The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA

Present Research Funding

  • Ca2+ channel targeting in neuroendocrine cells, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (2009-2014)
  • Structural and functional adaptation of supraoptic neurons to sustained hyperosmolality, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Regional Partnership Program, including matching funds from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (2009-2011)
  • An osmosensitive K+ current that regulates vasopressin release, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (2008-2011).
  • Noradrenergic activation of glial release of ATP and its role in regulation of plasticity at hypothalamic glutamatergic synapses, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2005-2010; co-investigator with J.S. Bains, University of Calgary)

People In The Lab

Current Graduate Student

Vimal Bansal - Expected Completion 2016


Xuan Vo "Ca2+ channel subunit composition in neuronal somata and terminals. Noradrenaline-evoked release of ATP from glial cells"

Former Graduate Students

Swarupa Chakraborty
Daoyi Wang Completed Feb 2011 "Ca2+ channel trafficking in neuroendocrine cells"
Naima Mumtaz Completed Jan 2011 "Acute and chronic adaptation of supraoptic neurons to changes in osmolality"
Wenbo Zhang PhD  Completed 2009 "Characterization of a novel osmosensitive K+ current in supraoptic neurons"
Xiaoyu Xu  MSc Completed 2006 "CASK and Mint1 in Ca2+ channel clustering and function in chromaffin cells"
Blanc Star MSc Completed 2005 "Dehydration increases the density of L-type Ca2+ channels in supraoptic neurons"
Xiaohong Liu MSc Completed 2004 "An osmosensitive and voltage sensitive cation current in supraoptic neurons"

Former Post-Doctoral Fellow

Kosala Rajapaksha 2004-2006 "Alternative splicing of Ca2+ channel mRNA. Noradrenaline-evoked release of ATP from glial cells"

Recent Summer Students

Peter Rye* 2009 Mechanisms of osmotically-induced MNC hypertrophy.
Petra Dolman** 2008 Regulation of VP secretion during chronic dehydration.
Catherine Lacny 2008 Mechanisms underlying glial regulation of VP secretion.
Brent Wilkinson 2007 Osmotically-induced structural reorganization in the SON.
Jeff Wilkinson** 2007 Mechanisms underlying glial modulation of VP secretion.
Jeff Wilkinson* 2006 Mechanisms of NA-induced ATP release from glia.
Lauren Beliveau* 2005 Study of secretion from MNCs and glia using FM1-43.

* Recipient of a NSERC Summer Research Award

** Recipient of a Heart & Stroke Foundation Summer Research Award

Honours and Awards for Lab Members

  • Congratulations to Daoyi for having an image chosen for the cover of the Journal of Neuroendocrinology, October 2009!
  • Congratulations to Daoyi on being chosen to represent the University of Saskatchewan at the CIHR Student Health Research Forum 2009!
  • Congratulations to Wenbo on receiving a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award, 2007-09!


Selected Publications

Wang, D, Yan, B, Rajapaksha, WRAKJS, and Fisher, TE (2009) Expression of voltage gated Ca2+ channels in glial cells of the rat neurohypophysis. Journal of Neuroendocrinology, in press.

Zhang, W, Wang, D, Liu, X-H, Rajapaksha, WRAKJS, and Fisher, TE (2009) An osmosensitive voltage gated K+current in rat supraoptic neurons. European Journal of Neuroscience, 29, 2335-2346.

Wang, D, Rajapaksha, WRAKJS, Davies, JN, Chen, L,  Zamponi, GW, and Fisher, TE (2008) Novel splice variants of rat CaV2.1 that lack much of the synaptic protein interaction site are expressed in neuroendocrine cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283, 15997-16003.

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