Pharmacology faculty

Dr. Kaushik Desai MSc, PhD, MD, MBBS Faculty, Pharmacology

Research Area(s): Endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, diabetes , Role of nitric oxide, arginine, oxidative stress, methylglyoxal, hyperglycemia, hyperfructosemia and their interrelationships , Development of preventive strategies against hyperfructosemia- and hyperglycemia-induced pathology

Dr. Ashok Jadhav PhD, MVSc, BVSc, AH, FAAVPT Faculty, Pharmacology

Research Area(s): Cardiovascular Pharmacology , Inflammation , Hypertension , Diabetes

Dr. Lixin Liu PhD, BMSc (MD), MMSc Faculty, Pharmacology

Dr. Grzegorz Sawicki BSc, MSc, PhD Faculty, Pharmacology

Research Area(s): Molecular mechanisms of heart injury triggered by oxidative stress and its protection from contractile dysfunction , Use of the pharmaco-proteomics approach in pathological and physiological heart studies , Novel intracellular function of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in heart injury , Posttranslational modifications of contractile proteins triggered by oxidative stress and their role the injury

Dr. Changiz Taghibiglou PhD Faculty, Pharmacology

Research Area(s): Excitotoxicity-induced neuronal apoptosis in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases , Lipid rafts and neuronal receptor signaling and trafficking , Lipid Neurobiology , Brain insulin signaling pathways , Designing bioactive short peptides