A list of key contacts within the College of Medicine

Dean of Medicine

Main Office

College of Medicine - Reception

Please note: This is contact information for the College of Medicine - not for individual doctors.

Dr. Keith Ogle Vice Dean of Faculty Engagement

Admissions offices

Medicine Undergraduate Admissions Office

Box 17, 5B53 Health Sciences Building, University of Saskatchewan, 107 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5E5

Physical Therapy Admissions office

College Offices

Career Advising and Mentoring

Communications and Media Inquiries

For all media, public relations, or communications inquiries please contact our Communications Officer.

Director of Advancement

Division of Biomedical Sciences

Donor Relations

Education and Metrics Coordinator

Betty Rohr the PGME coordinator for Education and Metrics.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of the College of Medicine is responsible for overseeing and directing the academic affairs of the College. As part of the larger picture, the Council must also fulfill its obligations to the University of Saskatchewan's Senate, Board of Governors and Council, and operate in a manner consistent with the University's governance model.

Faculty Engagement

The Faculty Engagement office provides service to all College of Medicine faculty. We provide assistance and guidance through all Collegial Processes including appointments, promotion, tenure, leaves and salary matters.

Finance and Administration

Information Technology

ITU exists to serve and support your efforts. Don't hesitate to contact us.

InterProfessional Education

Office of the Vice Dean Research

Lawrene Toews, Research Secretary

Online Communications Coordinator

For all web content inquiries, please contact the Online Communications Coordinator/Web Content Manager.

Postgraduate Medical Education Office

The Postgraduate Medical Education office (PGME) is committed to working with residents to ensure that their educational experience during the time they spend at the University of Saskatchewan will provide them with the best possible program to meet their needs in relation to their future career goals. The role of the PGME office is one of coordination - with residents, with teaching hospitals, various stakeholder agencies and with departments and program directors.

Resident Resource Office

The Resident Resource Office is responsible for providing non-academic support throughout postgraduate medical education. The office supports residents who may be coping with professional or personal challenges. The Resident Resource Coordinator helps individuals develop proactive strategies around health and wellness issues specific for physicians.

School of Physical Therapy

Student Affairs

Student Affairs offers confidential support and advocacy at arm's length from the academic offices. We provide students with an independent and informal forum in which to clarify concerns, identify goals and options in managing or resolving issues.

Undergraduate Medical Education - Regina office

The Regina UGME office administers the undergraduate M.D. program in Regina.

Undergraduate Medical Education - Saskatoon office

The UGME office administers the undergraduate M.D. program in the College of Medicine.