Picture of Dr. Janet Tootoosis

Dr. Janet Tootoosis BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP Vice-Dean Indigenous Health

Dr. Janet Tootoosis Is the College of Medicine's Vice Dean Indigenous Health. Dr. Tootoosis is the senior leader in the College for all matters relating to Indigenous health and engagement strategies. She is accountable for the creation and implementation of the core foundations to launch the Division of Indigenous Health and position the College of Medicine in a place of prominence to achieve its long-term Indigenous strategies.

4A20 Health Sciences Building

Dr. Tootoosis will be pivotal to providing visionary leadership to advance the teaching pedagogies and research ecosystem to address Indigenous Peoples health needs, working in partnership with other colleges and university senior leaders to foster and support an integrated approach to Indigenous health strategies throughout the college and build alignment with university-wide Indigenous initiatives and priorities.   

Clerical Assistant with Office of Vice Dean Indigenous