About Us

Student Services encompasses a number of specific support and information groups including the Office of Student Affairs, the Indigenous Student Services and the Office of Career Advising & Mentorship.

Our services provide a safe place for current MD undergraduate students to seek support when they have academic or personal issues. We provide resources and support around mental and physical health, mistreatment and discrimination, disabilities, financial planning, and career advising and mentorship.


  • The provision of an encouraging, compassionate and confidential environment for students in the College of Medicine
  • To inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in academic and personal growth as a fundamental component of their college training
  • To assist in a consultant role with the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan on student initiatives and projects


Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) was established to provide a safe, welcoming place for students to explore ideas and work toward solutions in an open-minded, proactive environment. Our office offers confidential support and advice at “arm’s length” from the academic/administrative offices of the CoM.  We provide Students with an independent and informal forum in which to clarify concerns, identify goals and explore options for managing or resolving concerns.

It is our goal to enhance the ability of all student to effectively deal with challenges and we are committed to helping students thrive during their time in the college. We encourage students to seek assistance as soon as possible as outcomes are often much better with early consideration.

Office of Career Advising and Mentorship

The Office of Career Advising and Mentorship supports all elements of career planning, mentoring programs, and the residency match within the College of Medicine. The Office provides everything from confidential advising appointments, to events designed to facilitate mentoring relationships in the community. We work in close collaboration with a variety of medical community partners, such as the Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan and Careers in Medicine®, to offer effective access to a career advising system, resources, and mentorship.

Contact Student Services

Dr. Ginger Ruddy
Student Services Director
Tel: 306-966-7275
Sara Bryson,
Administrative Assistant,
Student Services/Career Advising & Mentoring
Tel: 306-966-7275
Prince Albert
Edith Conacher 
Student Affairs Coordinator (Saskatoon) 
Tel: 306-966-4751
Dr. Nicole Fahlman
Regina Site Director
Tel: 306-209-0142
Dr. Romy Moodliar
Prince Albert Site Director
Cell: 306-960-8609
Office: 306-953-1688
Bev Digout
Student Affairs Officer (Saskatoon)
Tel:  306-966-8224
Dr. Tiann O'Carroll
Regina Site Director
Tel: 306-529-0777

Sara Bryson
Administrative Assistant
Student Services/Career Advising & Mentoring
Tel: 306-966-7275


Sheldon Moellenbeck
Coordinator for Career Advising
& Mentoring

Dr. Sachin Shah
Career Advisor
Tel: 306-966-7275
Dr. Lee Kolla
Career Advisor
Tel: 306-966-7275


Dr. Megan Clark
Career Advisor
Tel: 306-966-7275



Valerie Arnault-Pelletier,
Indigenous Student Coordinator
Tel:  306-966-5901

Amanda Crowe
Indigenous Coordinator