Undergraduate Medical Education - Saskatoon office

The UGME office administers the undergraduate M.D. program in the College of Medicine.

Suite B526, Health Sciences Building

Individual contacts

Meet the UGME team in Saskatoon

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Patricia Blakley 306-966-6150   
Assistant Dean, Academic Dr. Meredith McKague 306-966-2750
Assistant Dean, Curriculum Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre
Assistant Dean, Quality Dr. Athena McConnell 306-844-1273
Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education       Ms. Sherry Pederson 306-966-6142
Administrative Coordinator Dr. Sara Dzaman 306-966-6946
Executive Assistant                Ms. Sarah Bentley 306-966-8556
Clerical Support, Assistant Dean, Curriculum Ms. Raelene Austen 306-966-5445
Canadian and International Electives Coordinator Ms. Gayla Flores 306-966-4270
Curriculum Integration and Evaluation Ms. Cheryl Pfeifer 306-966-6138
Clerical Support, Educational Software Ms. Ariel Cote 306-966-8437
Assessment Specialist Dr. Joshua Lloyd 306-966-8906
Curriculum Specialist Ms. Amanda Stalwick 306-966-4703
Program Evaluation Specialist Ms. Krista Trinder 306-966-5917
Clerical Assistant, Program Evaluation Ms. Myrna Foth 306-966-8435
Clerical Assistant, Student Services and Career Advising & Mentoring Ms. Sara Bryson 306-966-7275
Clerical Assistant, Office of Student Affairs Ms. Amanda Willms 306-966-7331
Receptionist Ms. Jessica Hicke 306-966-3240
Clerical Support, Budgets Ms. Karen Amundson 306-966-8809
Aboriginal Coordinator Ms. Valerie Arnault-Pelletier 306-966-5901
Clerical Assistant to Aboriginal Coordinator Ms. Louise Ferguson 306-966-7909
Co-Chair, Year 2 Dr. Greg Malin
Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp
Chair, Year 3 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp 306-966-6310
Preclerkship Administrative Coordinator Ms. Megan Jenkins 306-966-5354
Clerical Support, Year 1 Ms. Daniele McDOnald 306-966-7202
Clerical Support, Year 2 Ms. Kimberly Basque 306-966-6151
Chair, Year 3 Dr. Joelle McBain
Chair, Year 4 Dr. Jessie Baptiste
Co-Directors, Year 5 Dr. Jessie Baptiste/Dr. Bindu Nair 306-966-7693
Saskatoon Clerkship Site Coordinator, Year 3 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp 306-966-6310
Administrative Coordinator, Clerkship Ms. Carolyn Blushke 306-966-7693
Clerical Support, Clerkship Ms. Shannon Bay 306-966-8828