College of Medicine

Individual contacts

Meet the UGME team in Saskatoon 
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Meredith McKague 306-966-6150   
Academic Director, UGME Dr. Greg Malin 306-966-2750
Assistant Dean, Curriculum Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre 306-966-5623
Assistant Dean, Quality Dr. Athena McConnell 306-844-1273
Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education       Sherry Pederson 306-966-6142
Senior Admin Coordinator, OSCEs, Recruitment, Orientation Tamara Hominuke 306-966-6946
Executive Assistant                Shannon Bay 306-966-8451
Project Specialist/Associate Dean Support Vanessa Hindmarsh 306-966-8556
Clerical Support, Assistant Dean, Curriculum Kirsten Hanke 306-966-5445
Canadian and International Electives Coordinator Shari Smith 306-966-4270
Clerical Assistant, Academic Support Donna McLean 306-966-4596
Clerical Assistant,OSCEs,Recruitment Orientation Sharmony Conacher  306-966-8437
Curriculum Integration and Evaluation Cheryl Pfeifer 306-966-6138
Clerical Support, Educational Software Joelle Cote 306-966-8437
Assessment Specialist Neda Moslemi 306-966-4416
Curriculum Specialist Lisa Krol 306-966-4703
Program Evaluation Specialist Krista Trinder 306-966-5917
Clerical Assistant, Program Evaluation/EPA Support Chanda Legare 306-966-8435
Clerical Assistant, Student Services and Career Advising & Mentoring Sara Bryson 306-966-7275
Student Affairs Administrator Chris Florizone 306-966-7331
Receptionist On leave, Contact Shannon Bay 306-966-3240
Clerical Support, Budgets and Finance Karen Amundson 306-966-8809
Senior Lead, Indigenous Programming and Initiatives Valerie Arnault-Pelletier 306-966-5901
Clerical Assistant to Senior Lead, Indigenous Programming and Initiatives Michelle Gabayan 306-966-2236
Academic Support Specialist Dr. Joshua Lloyd 306-966-8906
Active Learning and Technological Support Fazle Rafi Email
Chair, Year 1 Dr. Nicole Shedden 306-966-6216
Chair, Year 2 Dr. Jackie Kraushaar Email
Site Coordinator, Year 1 (Regina) Dr. Helen Chang & Dr. Jackie Kraushaar Email
Site Coordinator, Year 2 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp Email
Pre-clerkship Administrative Coordinator Sonja MacDonald 306-966-5354
Clerical Support, Year 1 Janine Rover de Mello 306-966-7202
Clerical Support, Year 2 Kimberly Basque 306-966-6151
Years 3 and 4 Site Coordinator in Regina Dr. Mofolashade Onaolapo Email
Year 4 & 5 Chair in Saskatoon Dr. Ashley Selvig Email
Co-Chairs, Year 5 Dr. Joelle McBain 306-966-7693
Chair, Year 3 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp Email
Administrative Coordinator, Clerkship Tami Golding  306-966-5891
Clerical Support, Year 3 Twyla Downing 306-966-8828
Clerical Support, Year 4 Barb Smith 306-966-7693