A1.0: Alcohol Related Emergency Department Presentations in a Regional Saskatchewan Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Caitlyn Davidson Meyer, Natalie Boctor, Heather May, Mira Pavan, Breanna Davis, Rhonda Bryce, Vivian Ramsden

A1.1: Assessment of the peri-pandemic impact of contrast echocardiography for left ventricular thrombus in STEMI patients: an interim analysis

Varun Srivatsav, Soumiya Suresh, Munawar Peer, Colin Yeung

A1.2: Be Kind to Your Behind: A Systematic Review on the Habitual Use of Bidets in Benign Perianal Disease

Zarrukh Baig, Nawaf Abu-Omar, Dilip Gill, Nathan Ginther

A1.3: Cardiac Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol Outcomes in Saskatchewan

Anne-Marie Friesen, Michelle Clunie, Erin Barbour-Tuck

A1.4: Dexamethasone-supplemented TAP blocks may reduce opioid requirements after colorectal surgery: a retrospective study

Nawaf Abu-Omar, Zarrukh Baig, Nathan Ginther, Dilip Gill

A1.5: Disseminated gonococcal arthritis and sepsis in a 50-year male, with a coexisting acute alcoholic and Tylenol induced hepatitis

William Kennedy, Siddharth Kogilwaimath

A1.6: Dried blood spot (DBS) test for HbA1c measurement in pediatric diabetes care in Saskatchewan

Netusha Thevaranjan, Mallory McNiven, S. Flavelle, J. Robertson, J. Buse, M. Inman

A1.7: Enhancing the Quality and Delivery of Healthcare: A Decade Review of Autopsy Data

Daniel Markewich, Jay Kalra, Patrick Seitzinger, Zoher Rafid-Hamed

A1.8: Epidemiology for level 1 and 2 traumas during the first wave of COVID-19: fewer traumas, faster diagnostics, but worse outcomes

Savanna Boutin, Jeffrey Elder, P. Davis, N. Sothilingham, O. Oyedokun

A1.9: Establishing an Optimal Microbubble Dose for Conducting Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound in Rabbit Models of Acute Kidney Injury: a Pilot Study

Sonali Andrahennadi, Una Goncin, Steve Machtaler

A2.0: Hypertensive crisis pre-catheter ablation for resistant atrial fibrillation: a case of undiagnosed bilateral pheochromocytomas

Nina Dhillon, Shravankumar Nosib

A2.1: Identifying Gaps in Promoting Smoking Cessation among Inpatients

Tim He, Anderson Tyan

A2.2: Implementation of a Novel Multidisciplinary Preoperative Assessment Pathway: Virtually There

Robin Manaloor, Jennifer O'Brien, Erin Barbour-Tuck, Michael Prystajecky, Angela Baerwald, Heather Dyck, Diana Ermel, Vern Behl, Mateen Raazi, Jonathan Gamble

A2.3: Incidence and predictors of adverse events among initially stable ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients following primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Jaihoon Amon, Christopher Fordyce

A2.4: Maternal serum alfa-fetoprotein (msAFP) screening in Saskatchewan – explained vs. unexplained msAFP and the role for serial ultrasound surveillance

Niyati Malkani, Tamara Kuzma, Glennie Lane

A2.5: Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of Midshaft Clavicle Fractures: Outcomes from a Single Surgeon Case Series

Bianca Sarkis, Tousief Hussain

A2.6: Parent perceptions on concussions and their children’s involvement in hockey: a cross-sectional study

Jeremie Houde, Gary Linassi, Darren Nickel, Dhiren Naidu

A2.7: STI knowledge in athletes at Canadian universities

Nicholas Steinberg, Sarah Akhtar, Isabel Hedayat, Danielle Frost, Adam Clay

A2.8: The complete response to immune checkpoint therapy in a non-naïve patient with metastatic pancreatic cancer

Nicholas Jette, Adam Fundytus, Jose Monzon

A2.9: The current perspective of neuromodulation techniques in the treatment of catatonia - a systematic review

Sarvenaz Esmaeelzadeh, Altaf Masood, Ladan Kashani

A3.0: The role of the HLA allelic repository on the clinical severity of COVID-19

Pramath Kakodkar, Fang Wu, Pouneh Dokouhaki, Ahmed Mostafa