A1.3: Cardiac Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol Outcomes in Saskatchewan

Anne-Marie Friesen, Michelle Clunie, Erin Barbour-Tuck

Approximately 800 patients/year have major cardiac surgery in Saskatchewan, but wait lists have increases substantially due to the pandemic.1 Often lengthy, invasive and resource demanding.2,3 Our research team has undertaken the implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - an evidence-based patient-centered program that improves patient outcomes, decreases hospital length of stay, morbidity and mortality rate, provides cost-effective methods of providing care. 9-15 Successful ERAS implementation requires engagement of the multidisciplinary care team and buy-in and compliance to ERAS strategies. 14,15,18 To engage stakeholders and increase buy-in, we have: Hosted Educational ERAS workshops for health care providers Polled Saskatoon and Regina health care providers (n=13) about which ERAS strategies should be the focus of implementation. Implementation of ERAS in Saskatchewan will focus on top 6 strategies: Multimodal opioid sparing Prehabilitation Early Mobilization Goal Directed Therapy Extubation within 6 hours Patient Family Engagement
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