B1.0: Alcohol Use Related Presentations and Referral to Mental Health & Addictions in the Emergency Department of Moose Jaw, SK in 2019 - 2020

Danielle Gillette, Zaki Hyatt-Shaw, Adam Clay, Robert Haver

B1.1: Assessing the utility and acceptability of online simulation in medical education

Shane Leyen, Matt Johnson

B1.2: Comparing Outcomes in Patients Admitted with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Using a Standardized Order-set Versus Individual Practitioner Orders

Carly Yim, Howard Li, Terra Arnason

B1.3: CT Scanner Proximity and Decision Times in Trauma + Time to Final Radiology Report: A comparison of RUH and JCPH

Megan Spafford, Analise Kudryk, N. Sothilingham

B1.4: Developing the Framework for CHIME Design Lab: Community-centred, Collaborative Health Innovation partnered with Medical Education

Savita Rani, Lori Hanson

B1.5: Digital X-ray light field holography: Is this novel imaging modality technically feasible for rural and regional areas that lack access to computerized axial tomography

Yoseph Atreyu, Jeff Irvine

B1.6: Education innovation: Optimization of a Clinical Teaching Unit curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents

Meghan Jackson, Olivia Friesen, Jonathan Dean, Jessie Baptiste, Anne PausJenssen

B1.7: Evaluation of Route of Administration of High Oral Bioavailability Antimicrobials

Tanner Hall, Chris Olivier, Shaqil Peermohamed, Justin Kosar

B1.8: Thyroid Function Testing: Choosing Unwisely in Saskatchewan

Yayuan Zhao, Shravan Murthy, Eva Karki, Md Nazmul Hasan, Belinda Daniels, Pouneh Dokouhaki, Fang Wu

B1.9: Stroke Care and Neurological Emergency Response Simulation (SCaNERS): High-fidelity acute stroke simulation increases learner confidence in providing acute stroke care

Katherine Archibold, Brett Graham

B2.0: Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Therapy in the ICU - a Quality Improvement Project

Danley Lunn, Alison Knapp, Faith Bae, Jennifer O’Brien, Joann Kawchuk, Sabira Valiani