Student Associations


The College of Medicine Graduate Student Society (CMGSS) exists to serve the CoM graduate students in various aspects.
The CMGSS represents graduate students from all departments in the College of Medicine (CoM) to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) council, the CoM faculty council, and the CoM Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral committee, and plan social events to enhance to graduate student experience. This includes the Departments of Biochemistry, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Microbiology & Immunology, Community Health & Epidemiology, and Health Sciences. Visit their website  to help build an active and supportive research community within the CoM,and stay up-to-date with coming events.


The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents over 4000 graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. The GSA provides professional, academic, and social activities and services, and promotes awareness of issues relevant to graduate students. All graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan are members of the GSA and thus have the right to vote in elections, referenda and at general meetings. The GSA also provides your Health and Dental Plan and the UPass.


The University of Saskatchewan Students' Union is the representative body for all University of Saskatchewan undergradute, extension, and certificate students. They are a non-profit corporation governed by an elected four-member student executive and University students' council. The USSU operates a number of centres including the Women's Centre, Pride Centre, Help Centre, and Food Centre. The USSU centres are open to all students, and provide resources, support and services in a warm, positive environment.

Academic Resources

Frequently used forms for Graduate Students

Writing Help
Provides online support for specific writing questions as well as list of resources available to students. A list of upcoming graduate-level writing workshops can also be found here.

Services and Attractions
Established in 1907, nestled along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, our historic campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Canada. The University of Saskatchewan boasts of multiple museums and galleries, successful sports teams, theatre, gardens, as well as fitness facilities, libraries, veterinary medical care, dental care, and dining experiences.

Wellness Resources

The Office of the Vice Dean of Research is currently seeking a graduate student to act as the Wellness Facilitator for the College of Medicine. This individual will seek out and communicate wellness resources to the College of Medicine graduate student population. See more about this opportunity here

The Student Wellness Centre
The Student Wellness Centre offers urgent and non-urgent physical and mental health care to U of S students and their spouses and children. Additional resources can be found here.

Student Affairs and Outreach
A team of Social Workers responsible for mental health intake, student outreach, crisis response, psycho-educational groups, and consultation to faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about a student. Addition resources can be found here.

Access and Equity Services
Formerly Disability Services for Students (DSS), Access and Equity Services is guided by Saskatchewan's Human Rights legislation and the duty to accomodate individuals based on disability, religion, family status, and gender identity.

Peer Health
Students who are dedicated to promoting health and student well-being on the U of S campus.

Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network (SK-IMN)
The Indigenous Mentorship Network Program (IMNP) supports Indigenous graduate students, post doctoral fellows and new investigators to be successful in their pursuit of careers in the fields of health and wellness, Indigenous studies and community-based research. 

Faith Leaders
The faith leaders at the U of F are a multi-faith religious resource to all students, staff and faculty.

Mental Health First Aid

The College of Medicine is committed to providing our students, staff, and faculty with the confidence and skills to assist an individual with an emerging mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. If you are interested in taking the Mental Health First Aid course at no personal cost please contact

For access to an individual trained in mental health first aid, who can respond if you feel you are developing a mental health problem or are in a mental health crisis, until professional treatment is received and/or crisis is resolved, please contact one of the following in the College of Medicine:

General Inquires

Bruna Bonavia-Fisher 306-966-2211
D-Wing Health Sciences Building

Kristen Brown 306-966-6323
D-Wing Health Sciences Building

Cathy Fulcher 306-966-8119
D-Wing Health Sciences Building

Darren Nickel 306-655-8651
Saskatoon City Hospital

Erin Prosser-Loose 306-966-2621
D-Wing Health Sciences Building

Volunteer Opportunities

Professional Development