Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating neurological disorder which strikes during adulthood, often causing problems with vision, body sensation, ability to walk and other critical life functions. The prevalence of MS is high in Canada, and particularly high in Saskatchewan.

The Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Centre was established in 1996 with a mandate to support basic and clinical scientific studies into the cause, treatment and cure of MS and other neurological disorders.

The centre was created by a partnership of the University of Saskatchewan Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry, the MS Society of Canada (Saskatchewan Division) and the Saskatoon Health Region.

The primary research facility is housed in Saskatoon City Hospital. Major financial support for the Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Centre was provided through a fundraising drive sponsored by the Cameco Corporation.

Donations can be made through College of Medicine Advancement: 

 Jeff Aramenko

jeff.aramenko@usask.ca Phone: (306) 966-8811


To support and encourage basic and clinical neuroscience research related to the cause, treatment, and cure of multiple sclerosis, and to support and encourage basic neuroscience research related to the cause, treatment and cure of other neurological disorders.

Our laboratories are part of the University of Saskatchewan and are well equipped to carry out basic biomedical research utilizing tissue culture, protein biochemistry, molecular biology, histology, and light microscopy techniques.

In addition, we are associated with the MS Clinic in Saskatoon City Hospital, giving us access to a large MS patient population.

It is our desire to use basic science research to understand the cellular interactions which govern the normal function of the nervous system and its reaction to disease or injury, and to form the basis for the development of new clinical intervention strategies.

Although MS is a principle focus, our research also includes projects relevant to other disorders of the nervous system.

Cameco Research Centre Consortium

Saskatoon Health Region
Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada-Saskatchewan Division
University of Saskatchewan Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry

Special thanks to Cameco Corporation, a Saskatchewan based uranium and gold mining company. The initial sponsorship of the Quest for a Cure by Cameco Corporation was instrumental in establishing the Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Centre.

Meet Our Team of P.I.s

Our Team

Research Associates

Dr. Hannah Salapa

Dr. Zelan Wei

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Joseph Clarke

Research Executive Assistant

Catherine Hutchinson

Research Coordinator 

Bari Chowdhury

Lab Administrator

Shannon Berko

Research Assistant

Patricia Thibault

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Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Centre
Saskatoon City Hospital
701 Queen Street, Room 5800
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7K 0M7

Giving to the Centre

Donations to the Centre can be made through College of Medicine Advancement:

Jeff Aramenko

 jeff.aramenko@usask.ca Phone: (306) 966-8811

Job Opportunities

Positions available in the Levin Lab for highly motivated graduate students!

Join a dynamic, world-class, generously funded basic and translational science multiple sclerosis research lab! The laboratory of Dr. Michael Levin offers personalized mentorship, state of the art laboratory facilities, customized coursework, highly competitive compensation, and the opportunity for basic scientists to work hand-in-hand with clinicians in Saskatoon City Hospital and the University of Saskatchewan.  We currently have positions available for highly motivated MSc and PhD students.  For more information about our research, required qualifications, and instructions on how to apply, visit our website at https://research-groups.usask.ca/skms-office/ms-research-centre/research-positions.php