Shadowing Overview
Every medical student is required to complete 10 hours (5 hours/term) per year of medical practitioner shadowing for MEDC 111 and MEDC 211 Success in Medical School courses in Year 1 and Year 2.  You may shadow physicians or nearly any professional discipline in the health care field. If you are unsure if a particular discipline should qualify as a medical shadowing experience, please check with your Year Coordinator in the UGME office.

Policy for practitioners being shadowed/observed:
Thank you for facilitating this opportunity for a first or second year student to observe you and your team to help learn about the health care system and his/her future role in it.

Curricular and extra-curricular pre-clerkship medical experiences are arranged by agreement between medical students and volunteer supervisors of the student’s choosing to help students integrate their learning to date and assist them in career decision-making.

Any involvement of students in clinical situations must take into account their current level of training.  First year medical students will have certification in Basic First Aid and CPR for (HCP) Health Care Providers.  They are learning clinical and pre-clinical sciences, patient interviewing, and basic physical examination skills.  They MAY have had exposure to pathology, pharmacology or some systemic study of disease.  They MAY have learned discipline-specific clinical sciences or technical skills. If necessary, ASK the student about their level of training.  

Pre-clerkship students should NOT be recording histories or physical findings for official medical records.

It is required that any patient-related activity by these students be supervised DIRECTLY AND IN PERSON by a supervisor who has signed the Medical Shadowing Activity Log

It is expected that the patient(s) be asked for permission to involve the students in their care, and will be free to decline.

Anesthesia - Saskatoon Erin Cook  (306) 655-1187
Anesthesia- Regina Kim Gilbert  (306) 766-3710

Chiropractors' Assocation of Saskatchewan (CAS) members who offer College of Medicine medical students the opportunity to "shadow".

Contact Leah Chomyshen at 306-655-1446 for Emergency Department shadowing opportunities. Hours: TUE-FRI 0800h-1600h. NOTE: Shadowing will be 4 hours in the middle of the ER shift, starting two hours into the scheduled shift for 4 hours.

Westwinds Primary Health Centre  - 3311 Fairlight Drive
Phone 306-655-4202 / Contact is Colleen Brockbank
Mon and Tues – all day
Wed and Fri – mornings only

Dr. Joel Schindel,
Rosthern SK
Contact: 306-717-7128

Internal Medicine

Tenille Shivak



For Dr. Christina Theoret, Undergraduate Program Director, Radiology please contact Prachi Banivadekar

Non-MD experiences are encouraged, but not required. It is up to the student to seek out and arrange these experiences. Areas you may want to explore include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Language
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Mental Health & Addictions Services
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists (SAO)

Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program - Contact Dr. Blakley

The College of Medicine has established an OBS/GYNE Interest Group through which ALL shadowing must be arranged.  Please sign-up through the e-mail below.

Megan Sander & Kaitlin Forke 
Co-Chairs - Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group
University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine 

ALL PEDIATRIC SHADOWING must be arranged through the POPD at 306-844-1271 with the exception of the following physicians who request e-mail contact:



Dr. T. Hinz

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Dr. L. Thorpe

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Dr. R. Lodhi

Tuesday, Thursday

Dr. S. Adams

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (1/2 days only)

Dr. M. Sarda

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dr. A. Baillod


Dr. E. Okoro

Thursday, Friday

Dr. C. Ukandu-Ndubueze

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (AM)

Dr. J. Wagner

Tuesday, Friday

Dr. J. Adelugba

Monday (PM), Wednesday (PM)

Dr. O. Soyemi


Dr. T. Peluola

Any (9-noon)

Students can contact the doctor(s) of their choice directly to arrange shadowing opportunities.

For all other shadowing information please contact Laura White


  • Dr. Kanthan: contact Tera Blight or 306-844-1082
  • Dr. Christian: contact Mandy Wonsiak or 306-844-1085
  • Dr. K. Milbrandt: contact  Terri Strykowski or 306-844-1090
  • Drs. Luo / Moser: contact Karen Kutney or 306-844-1087
  • Dr. Keith: contact Carolyn Trost at 306-844-1097
  • Dr. Stevenson: contact Dianne Lowes or 306-844-1084
  • Drs. Harington / Meiers: contact Jody at 306-653-3366
  • Drs. Hayes / Gaboury  Seshadri / Oucharek /Sothilingam / Niroshan / Mueller: contact Lisa Hermez or 306-244-6818


  • Cardiac Surgery: contact Lori Huber or 306-844-1094

Head & Neck

  • No contacts at the moment


  • No contacts at the moment




  • No contacts at the moment


  • Drs. Kennedy / Bigsby / Bharadwaj: contact Thoracic or 306-655-0533


  • Contact: Delores Letourneau at 306-653-3255


  • Contact:  Jody at 306-653-3366


No contacts at the moment

Diagnostic Radiology

No contacts at the moment
Infectious Diseases Dr. Kurt Williams Contact Secretary: Janice  (306) 655-1777

Medical Genetics

No contacts at the moment

Medical Microbiology

No contacts at the moment


No contacts at the moment

Nuclear Medicine

No contacts at the moment
Ophthalmology Wendy Erickson  (306) 655-8050


Deb Quirion (306) 655-0238
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation    Julie Otto (306) 655-8669

Public Health and Preventive Medicine

No contacts at the moment
Radiation Oncology  Dr. Philip Wright  Saskatoon Cancer Centre  


No contacts at the moment