Clerkship Orientation

Clerks please familiarize yourself with the materials below before attending the Year 3 orientation.

Clerkship Team

Year 3 Chair in Saskatoon: Dr. Schaana Van De Kamp
Year 3 Site Coordinator in Regina: Dr. Shade Onaolapo
Senior Administrative Coordinator in Saskatoon: Tamara Hominuke  
Clerkship Administrative Coordinator in Saskatoon: Tami Golding
Clerkship Administrative Coordinator in Regina: Nicole Gates Willick
Clerkship Administrative Coordinator in Prince Albert: Nicole Toutant  
Year 3 Administrative Support in Saskatoon: Twyla Downing
Year 4 Administrative Support: Barb Smith
SLIC Director: Dr. Tara Lee
SLIC Administrative Coordinator in Meadow Lake: Bailey Edelman
SLIC Administrative Coordinator in Estevan: Kristin Dupuis
SLIC Administrative Coordinator in Melfort: Mabel Ryhorchuk


The following three training sessions are required at the beginning of Clerkship. The UGME Clerkship team will provide you with the deadlines.

  1. WHMIS 2015 Training
    1. Go to this webpage: 
    2. Click on WHMIS (a box will open)
    3. Scroll down and click on Register
    4. Sign in using your NSID and Password
    5. Fill in your personal information and use the info below for Campus info:
         Department/College: College of Medicine
         Campus Address: 3A20.05 Health Sciences Building, 107 Wiggins Road
         Campus Phone #: 306-966-6946
         Supervisor Name: Tamara Hominuke
         Supervisor Phone: 306-966-6946
    6. Submit this page and an email will be sent to you with your password
    7. Log in and complete the WHMIS training (once you have successfully completed the WHMIS training a certificate will be emailed to you)
    8. In order to receive credit for WHMIS training you will need to upload your certificate on Canvas in the MEDC 311 course.  
  2. BLS/ACLS Training
    Students who take the full ACLS Course, or ACLS Renewal Course, must have a current Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS course completion card. BLS and ACLS training sessions will be coordinated by the UGME office and the session dates will be sent out prior to Clerkship orientation. Students are responsible for purchasing an ACLS course textbook from the USask bookstore before the ACLS training date.

    Once you have completed your ACLS, please log into the Heart & Stroke website and upload your certificates on Canvas in the MEDC 311 course.

  3. Workplace Assessment Violence Education (WAVE) Training 
    Certificate of completion must be uploaded on Canvas in the MEDC 311 Course.


Please complete the following forms and bring to your first day of orientation:

  1. Clerkship Stipend Letter
    1. Application Form 
    2. Direct Deposit Payment Request Form 
  2. Saskatchewan Health Authority Forms
    1. PACS Application  
    2. SHA Confidentiality Form 
    3. Verification Questions Form 
    4. Information Technology Services Form
  3. Work-Based Learning Consent Form
  4. eHealth Viewer Registration 

The eHealth Viewer (or electronic Health Record Viewer) is a secure online website that authorizes health care providers, such as medical students, to access patient health information that has been recorded in Saskatchewan.

Complete the eHealth Viewer registration process by visiting the following link:

Please put “Medical Student” for your primary role and UGME as your organization. Since UGME is an approved organization, you can omit step #3.  

Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA)

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) are responsibilities that learners should be entrusted to do without direct supervision by the time they enter residency. Instructors and learners are asked to document observations of these activities through the custom developed UGME EPA app.

Learn more about EPAs and the app.

Influenza Vaccination

The College of Medicine strongly encourages all medical students to get the influenza vaccination. Medical students are required to provide documented proof of immunization. Please email proof to (Saskatoon) and (Regina) . In the event of influenza or other outbreak, any unvaccinated or non-immune student will be excluded from the outbreak area and will not be allowed to return until the Regional Health Authority has determined it is safe to do so.


Saskatoon: Prior to Clerkship orientation, the Saskatoon Clerkship Support Team will send out information regarding locker assignment in the Health Sciences building and a sign-up sheet for the lockers in the RUH student lounge and scrub room.

Regina: Locker information will be provided at the Regina orientation. 

Prince Albert: Clerk is to provide their own lock, claim an empty locker, and notify Nicole Toutant

Additional Information