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Trauma Team

Categories: Orthopaedic Surgery Surgery

Level 1 Trauma (includes referred and unannounced)

  • Will be activated for trauma patients with:
    • GCS ≤ 13 or
    • SBP < 90 (or requiring blood transfusion to maintain SBP > 90) or
    • RR < 10 or > 29 (or requiring intubation) or
    • All penetrating injuries to the head, neck, and torso
  • Level 1 Trauma Team physician group will consist of General Surgery, Emergency/CES, Anesthesia, and Orthopedics
  • Trauma Surgeon (or Sr. Resident) or Emergency Physician/CES will function as Trauma Team Leader

Level 2 Trauma (includes referred and unannounced)

  • Transport will be facilitated by the first physician contacted to ensure efficient transfer of the patient to the Trauma Center
  • The Emergency Physician/CES is consulted for all Level 2 Trauma assessment and care (ER/CES physician will be MRP for unannounced trauma and when specifically requested by a consulting surgical service)
  • Trauma Team Leader will be Emergency Physician/CES or Surgeon
  • After the initial assessment the TTL may subsequently consult:
    • General Surgery to for all general surgical trauma assessment and care
    • Orthopedics for all orthopedic trauma assessment and care
    • Neurosurgery for all neurosurgical assessment and care
    • Plastic Surgery for all plastic surgery trauma assessment and care

Non Level 2 Trauma

  • Will be managed by the accepting service without the involvement of the Level 1 or 2 Trauma Physicians unless otherwise consulted