2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Medical Doctor Class of 2021

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YouTube livestream: https://youtu.be/CMsu7Q-9hNE

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Under regular circumstances, your family, friends and loved ones would meet in-person for the College of Medicine Class of 2021 banquet and ceremony. This year, we have shifted our approach for the event for everyone's safety, while still marking the completion of your undergraduate medical education training with the College of Medicine.

On Thursday, June 3, the Class of 2021 MD Virtual Ceremony will be livestreamed so the College of Medicine community can witness this significant moment.

Program — June 3, 2021

Ceremonial Song
Knowledge Keeper Bob Badger

Master of Ceremonies
Drs. Hope Fast and Benjamin Abelseth

Presenting the Graduating Class of 2021

Dean’s Address to Graduates
Dr. Preston Smith

Vice-Dean’s Address to Graduates
Dr. Kent Stobart

Presentation of Teaching Awards
Presented by Drs. Conley Kriegler and Balsam Arwini

Presentation of Academic Awards
Presented by Dr. Meredith McKague

Celebratory video
UGME office 

Alumni Association Speech
Dr. Terry Zlipko (MD’74)

Presentation of Alumni Award
Derek Tiessen

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Susan Shaw

Toast to the Families
Drs. Amiée Prefontaine and Amy Short

Toast to the Faculty
Drs. Kaishan Aravinthan and Sam Molot-Toker

Valedictorian Address
Dr. Kate Morrison

Program and list of Class of 2021 graduates

View the Spring Convocation award recipients