Contacts for faculty

A listing of Medicine-specific support networks and contacts for faculty.

Picture of Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of the College of Medicine is responsible for overseeing and directing the academic affairs of the college. As part of the larger picture, the Council must also fulfill its obligations to the University of Saskatchewan's Senate, Board of Governors and Council, and operate in a manner consistent with the university's governance model. Council is a forum where important initiatives in the college are examined and either supported or changed. College faculty and students should know their representative and work through him or her to influence college policy.

Faculty Engagement

The Faculty Engagement office provides service to all College of Medicine faculty. We provide assistance and guidance through all Collegial Processes including appointments, promotion, tenure, leaves and salary matters.

Indigenous Health Committee

The Indigenous Health Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and community members who are dedicated to Indigenous health. The IHC exists to strengthen culturally-based linkages between Indigenous world views and the medical community.

Information Technology

College of Medicine IT (MedIT) exists to serve and support the efforts of students, faculty and staff in the College of Medicine in all service locations.