Indigenous Health Committee

The Indigenous Health Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and community members who are dedicated to Indigenous health. The IHC exists to strengthen culturally-based linkages between Indigenous world views and the medical community.

The Indigenous Health Committee offers many services to the College of Medicine, including:

  • Reviewing and vetting Indigenous curriculum through a community based approach.
  • Working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous students (pre-med, undergrad, & residency) to provide unique experiential learning opportunities through placements in Indigenous communities.
  • Assistance in learning about Indigenous protocols, communities, and Elders.
  • Connecting faculty, staff, and students with Indigenous communities for initiatives, advocacy, and other activities that enhance Indigenous health.


  • Abonyi, Sylvia CoM
  • Crowe, Amanda CoM
  • Arnault-Pelletier, Valerie CoM
  • Baxter-Jones, Adam Health Sciences
  • Beatty, Bonita CoA&S
  • Foulds, Heather CoK
  • Graham, Holly CoN
  • Henry, Bobby CoA&S
  • Hugo, Lara CoM
  • King, Alexandra CoM
  • King, Malcolm CoM
  • Leis, Anne CoM
  • Lovo, Stacey SRS
  • Lowe-Grier, Candace Vet Med
  • MacLean, Cathy CoM
  • Macqueen Smith, Fleur CoM
  • Valle Castro, Manuela CoM
  • McKinney, Veronica CoM
  • McKinstry, Sherri Dentistry
  • Khaketla, Molehi SHA
  • Oosman, Sarah SRS
  • Pederson, Sherry CoM
  • Pelly, Judy Elder
  • Piche, Allison SIMN
  • Radomski, Marek CoM
  • Ramsden, Vivian CoM
  • Seguin, Carlyn CoM
  • Smith, Preston CoM
  • Swidrovich, Jaris CoP&N
  • Tait, Caroline CoM