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The College of Medicine supports the implementation of CBME at the University of Saskatchewan, namely the implementation of the Royal College's Competence by Design (CBD) initiative and Family Medicine's Triple C Curriculum.

The purpose of this site is:

  • to provide a place to house resources, local, provincial, and national, that will assist with your development of CBME; and
  • to support the development and engagement of all faculty and stakeholders in the transition to CBME.

PGME CBD/CBME Newsletters

CBD Implementation



Project Leads


Determining Learner needs for CBD Transitions

Sharon E. Card

Anurag Saxena

Competency based medical education enables learner centered learning by enabling the learner to track and focus on their own needed learning goals. It also depends on frequent coaching feedback with the learner to enable a continuous improvement in performance. To focus change efforts in a meaningful way, the Learner Implementation Working Group will perform a mixed method evaluation of the current learning and feedback climate at the University of Saskatchewan as to understand resident perceptions and readiness to change. A Learning Climate survey annually administered will provide some baseline data. Focus groups will be held at each programs academic session by a neutral interviewer to explore perceptions of CBD and its implementation at the University of Saskatchewan.

Resuscitation and Procedural InterDisciplinary (RAPID) Curriculum Pilot.

Brent Thoma

Paul Olszynski

The RaPID Curriculum will provide Anesthesia, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine residents with training in three areas over 12 half-day sessions: i) Resuscitation, ii) Clinical Ultrasound, iii) Central Venous Catheter Insertion, and iv) Remediation



CBME Papers

Extended family medicine training: Measuring training flows at a time of substantial pedagogic change.

Slade S, Ross S,
Lawrence K, Archibald D, Mackay MP, Oandasan IF.

Canadian Family Physician. 2016;62(12):e749-e757. Read online.

MEdIC Series: Case of the Competency Conundrum – Expert Review and Curated Community Commentary

Case / Questions: Dr. Tamara McColl; Objectives: Dr. Teresa Chan; Expert Commentaries Dr. Brent Thoma Dr. Teresa Chan; Curated Community Commentary Dr. Alkarim Velji; MEdIC Project Lead Dr. Tamara McColl Dr. Teresa Chan; ALiEM Editor-in-Chief Dr. Michelle Lin

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