Welcome to the Division of Pediatric Surgery!

The Division of Pediatric Surgery is the newest division in the Department of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan.  Created in early 2020, it coincided with the grand opening of the provincial children’s hospital, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (JPCH), in October 2019.

Our division is fully staffed and includes the complete spectrum of care in the pediatric surgical subspecialties of neurosurgery, surgery, otolaryngology, plastics, orthopedics, and urology.  Currently, the division is made up of fifteen fellowship-trained surgeons practicing in these various areas of expertise.

Our surgeons are all cross-appointed as faculty within the Department of Surgery and as such have an academic focus with extensive postgraduate and residency teaching roles, ongoing research interests and projects, and quality improvement initiatives.  In addition, a provincial pediatric trauma service is being formalized.

Surgeries are done out of our fully equipped state-of-the-art operating theatres within the Children’s Hospital and are fully supported with Pediatric Anesthetists and pediatric trained peri- and post-operative nursing staff.  JPCH houses the province’s only pediatric intensive care unit, as well as a neonatal intensive care unit, enabling the provision of excellent and complete surgical care for each pediatric patient of this province from the day of birth to 17 years of age.


Dr. Elke Mau
Head, Division of Pediatric Surgery

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Krzystof Saczek
Head, Division of Pediatric Surgery

Regina General Hospital, Pediatric Outpatients
1440 14th Avenue
Regina, SK   S4P 0W5